Friday, May 7, 2010

Teching Quickdraw Dandywarrior: can we make it Tier 0?

Today, we look at tech, for the deck Drill Plant, aka Quick Dandy Warrior.

This tech can apply for both OCG and TCG, but is more OCG-based.

This article and information was taken from the conversation between me and Andrew last night.

Before we look at splashing tech in a deck, we can consider a few aspects, which are mainly:
a) Solving the problems faced by a deck
b) Adding more synergy, utility and options for the deck to combat a certain meta/ or to suit your playstyle
c) There is no C, and almost anything else that doesn't fulfill both, or one of the conditions above, its not tech, its crap.

So, lets analyse one of the problems in a deck.

Problem 1
* Speed, and consistency.

Sure the deck is already tier 1, but what every tier 1 deck wants to do now is to achieve tier 0 standard whereby it can solve all problems faced and defeat majority of the other meta tier 1 decks out there.

Sure we can agree Drill Plant is gay with all the token farming and all the abuse with Dandylion. But, whose to say that your hands just literally suck sometimes.

Or if we meet another deck that's too fast such as Lightlord in game 1.

That's where this card comes in.

If we think about it, there is no flaw or reason why we shouldn't main deck this, apart from deck space. But, Roar is a very good tech that lets you stall for a turn so you can set up your combo.

It also helps you stop Judgment Dragon from killing you so fast. Of course, in Drill Plant, they play many Ryko and stuff to slow the pace down and control.

I've seen several feature matches where Jeff Jones draw really crappy hands but change the whole game with just one or two draws. Its that explosive.

If Threatening Roar is good in a deck for stalling then so will this guy:

Cyber valley is one of those slow cards that help you to maintain the state of the game safe for you since it has so many various effects. First is a staller which can earn you another card. Its basically threatening roar plus one card to replace it. If you think about it properly, it brings the game one turn forward for you with the card is netts and it basically rendered your opponent's turn almost useless if he coudln't destroy it.

The second effect lets you abuse Dandylion fluff free token to draw 2 cards, awesome awesome.

Third effect lets you ditch a useless card to return one of your cards from the grave to the decktop. Awesome again since it can nett you your heavy storm, torrential tribute etc.

And it gets even better if you can add that card to your hand with......

Pot of generosity!
That was just some random combo from my head, but can prove useful, yet situational, especially when you want to go for game or clear the opponent's field or assemble a combo.
Or it can just let you search your deck. Basically with Pot of Generosity (in your opening hand, lets assume that) , we have seen 9 cards already from our deck (6 from your opening hand, and 3 more from Pot). Then we can just set a Ryko or Snowman Eater and maybe a face down or so. Perfect opening play.
Sometimes its worth giving up your special summon for that turn to see more options from your deck. With all the removal and stall Quickdraw can manage, its easy to stay in the game and just do your farming next turn.
Who knows, you play Pot and find out Tytannial is the next card on top of your deck, What a relieve you will have, huh?

The last card today is:
Why PWWB, you ask? Its simple. PWWB allows the player to deassemble a certain combo that your opponent wants to play. At a simple cost of a single card from your hand, you are allowed to disrupt the game in a thousand and one ways possible.
At end phase, you could discard a Dandy and than tribute the token for a monarch or Light and Darkness Dragon the next turn.
And maybe toss a card to the grave so you can play Debris Dragon. Then synchro, and recontrol the game with 1000 more options in your hand that you haven't played.
Or simply add another monster into the graveyard for the count of Pot of Avarice. Who knows, you may have a dead Tytannial and Lonefire in hand and if you discard Tytannial, you get to return it to the deck with Pot and draw 2 cards, then summon Lonefire and tribute it for Tytannial.
From 2 dead cards to a beatstick, removal of one opponent's card and 2 more options from your deck. Awesome awesome.
Returning a BF synchro to the decktop is annoying too. Like seriously. Or Stardust, ouch!
PWWB is a card that slows down the pace of the game and adds control, while adding synergy for different various combos whcih were usually unavailable beforeand most importantly, turn the tide in your favour.
QuickDraw DandyWarrior is not an autopilot deck like Lightlord or FTK decks, its actually a very very complex deck that has several conditions, several options and several combos that we have never seen before, or are yet to discover unless we are extremely familiar with the deck from playing it for a really really long time.

Its difficult to master, and requires alot of playtesting before you can decide which is the best move for a certain situation.

And that's what I love about it.

Although I cant play it cos I'm too lazy to find the cards lol.

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