Monday, May 3, 2010

Ad Changer

effect: Remove this card in the graveyard from play to select one monster on the field and change its battle position.

WOW. This is the new Necro Gardna. LS and some Black Knight Dark or White Knight Light decks may want to tech it out. Like baha said 3 Necro and 3 Trago=block till next year.

Warrior somemore. Searchable by Calling Army.

Also Plant Hero sounds like a good idea due to Future Fusion abuse. Dump dandy or spore plus Another Neos to be abuse by Hero Blast. Or constant E-Hero Gaia(s) coming down to rampage.

Planning to collect Drill Plant cards and run them in Nats this year. The deck to beat will be BF. Drill Plant is more versatile because it has more synchro options but BF still has that dreaded GodBird Attack. We cant use SL Roads :(

Regarding Xeno on his post on Mr A though the whole world knows its Andrew, I think the whole post was very immature and if I were you, I would delete that post and instantly apologize so that you dont look bad. Instead of shaming him,I think you just did it on yourself. Oh and was the last sentence about Lam?


Exiro said...

AD Changer says nothing about activating as Spell Speed 2. How does that even come close to Necro Gardna?

It's more like Seal "Attack".

mike said...

WELL that was before I knew the rulings that it can only be used during my turn.

It may not be spell speed 2 but imo yesterday I still thought it was better because it can change opponent's high attack low defense monster to defence to defense so that you can attack through it. and vice versa.

That made it very good since Necro Gardna didnt offer that. And AD changer could change a monster position meaning that it can "negate" an attack more or less.

ohwell just found out bout the rulings. so sad!!!

Exiro said...

The way it's worded, it doesn't even need a ruling for that IMO. But anyway, it's still good in Lightsworns. A free Seal Attack is still free, and we like free. I don't see it working in Black Knight Dark, though. {and I forgot what White Knight Light is exactly because it's not an important deck ;p}

mike said...

walau, if gabriel or lennon reads this,,,, you're... :D

I really didnt see/notice thw way it was worded. seriously, it just sounded extremely broken when I saw the effect on wikia. lol.

yeah, cant work in BKD but some duelists can adapt by adding some stuff in or change the whole deck since it kinda disappeared from the competitive scene lately.

mike said...

Btw exiro, where r u from?

And..whats ur name etc?

Or u prefer to be anonymous?