Monday, May 10, 2010


Snyffus is made for plant and beast support.

As if it wasn't gay enough?

Now, quickdraw plant beat can incorporate snyffus for more combos. worst comes to worst, quickdraw cat???

Also, if Cat into Snyffus and Ryko is only level 2 dont forget the token farming involved or you could incorporate GK Spy for nice synchro options.

On a side note, i may be slowing down on YuGiOh. Its getting a little boring. especially with no one to play with. If I lived in KL, things may be different. And by different it could be better or worst. I could be more focused on YGO because there are many shops. Or KL is so big and nice for social life so I may ignore YGO.

Oh well. Expect blog to be updated frequently though.


Duelist#LGQ said...

Come to KL and study la!! College la of cause

Ken said...

KL is for rich ppl, poor like me don get to study in KL ..... T.T

mike said...

Yeah I am!

Coming soon.....