Saturday, March 5, 2011

2 Card comboes

Forced Requisition + Dark World Deck

This was something i played a while back last time.

Forced Requisition forces your opponent to discard a card everytime you discard a card.

Pretty incredible in Dark World.


Appropriate + Hand Severing

Appropriate activates each time your opponent draws outside his or her draw phase.

You draw 2 cards instead when that happens.

So, hand severing will nett you a +2 , and so will Dark World Dealings.

Just something to think about


LightGrunty said...

Both of those cards have to be face-up already, though. They don't do anything when you initially flip them. Otherwise, yeah, they can really hurt for your opponent.

In the TCG, though, Trap Stuns are running rampant, so they're not the best cards to use here.

LightGrunty said...
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mike said...

@ lIGHT GRUNTY- yeap back in the days, the game was much slower so it didnt really matter. it just came off my mind recently, and since i received news from an "unnamed" source about upcoming dark world decks, i thought that i'd post it.