Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vairon Disigma

I checked back to Shriek and the new Devil Gate structure is scheduled to be released, so you ppl should not doubt the info i posted on Colorless and the return of Dark World.

Im thrilled for this deck, because this might mean we can see a reprint of Allure of Darkness. Finally, a common Allure!

Also, this might mean the reprint of Doom Calibur Knight, so now he can finally be tourney-legal.
Who knows, they reprint Phantom Skyblaster too HAHAHAHA.


Of course, if you had read Death Aspect or Shriek, you would know Vairon Disisgma is coming out soon. And it doesnt take any idiot to know how good Vairon Disigma is with Phantom Skyblaster around.

I think Phantom Skyblaster is the new card to add to Frog Monarch, as illustrated by Mike Bon, he mentioned that you could summon Yomi Frog from graveyard, and drop Sky blaster, and drop Vairon.

Its equivalent to dropping a monarch because you can -1 your opponent from there. Luckily priority is gone or else this combo will be nuts.

One thing Im not sure of is that are Overlay units allowed to be returned from the field to the hand? Considering they are ON THE FIELD, this might mean Swap frog can return Phantom Skyblaster back to the hand to play another Vairon next turn.

Vairon will be the new Trishula pricing card. LOL

So, here's a simple deck concept:

3 Phantom Skyblaster (dark)
3 Vairon Disigma (light) (prepare to spend your moneh)
2 Spirit Reaper
3 Chaos Sorceror
2/3 Effect Veiler
2/3 Cyber Dragon

Since phantom and vairon are both light and dark respectively, they make good fodder for Sorceror =)

WOW crazy monster removal? lol


Michael Bonacini said...

OMG I didn't even think of adding Swap Frog to it. Too good >_<

Anonymous said...

I want common Doomcali.