Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fusion of Wing Kuribo and Light and Darkness Dragon

The fusion of said above cards.

Furball+ Dragon = Angel???

Notice that all the 7 millenium items are attached to whatever that thing is. Woo.


Heavy shit eater said...

what the hell??

LGQ said...

actually I hate this card. Y? his appearance MAY end up replacing Excidao as the final promo for GX manga

Michael Bonacini said...

What the hell am I looking at O_O

mike said...

Dont Know people!!!

@ LGQ- hmph this will be blasphemy in yugioh by releasing something "real" from the anime in the form of a card. wtf its like those YuJyo Friendship cards that have the main characters pics on it fck them -.-

@ HSE + Michael Bon- No idea.

LGQ said...

@ those who wanna know what you are looking at.

Thats the fusion material for Baha+DS basically.

That + Blue Eyes Ultimate + Shooting Quaser.

mike said...

HUH? i thought that is LADD + hane kuribo???

Dean Watt said...

this is Ma'at and chazz fuses light and darkness dragon with winged kuriboh to get it. check out the wikia site: