Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sin World

Sin World- searches Sin monster to hand right?

Now, do you think that could solve some inconsistency problems that meta beat decks face?

Furthermore, Sin Claw Stream is a decent one for one removal that fits in the "Beat" style very well.

Also, as i was reading LGQ's blog and viewing his previous posts on Aesir (Nordic), i saw that the deck could summon many monsters very quickly.

Now, the Nordic deck is not exactly a good archetype, as of now, to support the synchro mechanic (this is my opinion), but the ability to throw out 2 monsters on the field just like that (Tangjostr the one who summon monster from deck when he changes position, or Gulfaxe-i think thats the name- the one that summons 2 tokens when he gets destroyed or something)

Because once Excel Summon releases some decent Excel monsters, this deck could have some serious potential because of the non effort special summoning abilities.

As of now, seriously the new (confirmed on Shriekl's ) Excel monsters suck and are unplayable


LGQ said...

Hope is cool. I mean, randomly turning Gravekeeper's Spies into a 2500 beats is good stuff

mike said...

Its mediocre only lah. Got potential but not currently la

I wouldnt build a deck around Hope and the effect is nothing compared to the earlier synchros when it was first released into the game omgomg

is hope Yuma's main monster? considering it is starter deck monster and it does have 2500 attack , which is the base attack of all main character main monster

Anonymous said...

It was confirmed (saw a trailer) of Yuma using Hope, but I don't think it's his ace card. On the other hand, Hope is going to be a staple and I heard that you can use his effect to negate stuff like Dimensional Prison O__O?

mike said...

Hope staple?

i cant really see why o.o

Yeah thats true. But imo thats not a good enough reason to run a card. But i might be wrong, i have high expectations