Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yugioh Zexal

For those of you who don't know what the anime's about, here's a short summary:

Yuma has some key item thingy that bears the spirit of a being called "Astral". Like Yami Yugi, Astral has lost his memory and is trying to find it. Also, everytime Yuma duels, or comes across an exceed monster with a number in front of its name, Yuma will drift into a Shadow Game.

Everytime a monster with the number in the front of its name is summoned for the first time, Astral gets a bit of his memory back. Apparently there are 99 Exceed monsters, so Astral's memory is divided into 99 parts, and thats about all we know :)

The anime itself is really just plagerizing the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series, and mixing with abit of 5Ds and GX

Components of previous animes they integrated:

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Ermmm basically everything? Alter ego spirit plus new item to house the spirit and lost memory etc bla bla bla

GX: School life. Dueling life. Probably more casual in the first season but will turn out to be stupid like GX in the end. I mean main enemy is Light of Destruction, and then suddenly the last enemy is darkness? whuuuttt

5Ds- Introduction of a new game mechanic similar to Synchro summoning.


Everybody has talked about Wonder Wand, and im pretty impressed with it. I mean Gravekeepers anybody? Giving them more access to Royal Tribute now?

Konami, way to go to print a broken card. This is my reaction: Nah ! _|_

I'd be happy if this card is a super rare so now it will cost a bundle, and become the next Formula synchron price card. Then we will have less Gravekeeper players!!!! If its a common, i'd think everybody will switch to Gravekeepers because the only money card is Duality. Here, the price of 3 OCG dualitys match only one TCG Duality. Uh huh...

Now to thin their deck they have:

3x Spy
3x Recruiter
1x Allure
3x Duality

+ 3 wands?

Wow first time i have seen anti meta deck have so much speed that its not even funny!

Playing it with Recruiter netts you three cards and using it with a monster summoned from Spy netts you a plus one.

Furthermore those monsters are recycled with Gravekeeper's Lithograph (Stele in the TCG)

Wow luckily i have collected my Dualitys and my Necrovalleys just in case i have a chance to enter any official OCG tournament.

So, once again, Im like WHAT THE FUCK 3 dualities, 1 allure, plus 2 royal Tributes, and possibly 2 Wonder Wands!!!! Talk about high possibility of getting Royal tribute in the opening hand? Im not gonna do the math, but this is something we have to watch out for. GKs have tormented the TCG too much already, and cum September 1st 2011, we OCG players will have to bear full wrath too.


chronoz rule said...

dont you mean NAH o0o!!! (.)l(.)

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