Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bottomless Trap Hole, Goyou and stuff

First of all, shoutout, happy birthday to Anand whose birthday lies on one of the two incredible turning points of the Yugioh card game.

New top tier deck is hero beat right? Destroy Shining with Bottomless Trap Hole, so they cannot get the addition effect, as BTH ruling says destroy and remove from play, its not sent to the graveyard.

Hong Kong results top deck:
1) Infernity

As predicted, Infernity is an extremely strong pick, and this is strong proof for players out there. As everyone knows, X Saber and Infern are the two top combo decks of the format, but if you ask me, Infernity is even better than Sabers so i'd expect a rise in this deck in time to come.

New idea for Salvo DAD (may not be new since im noob regarding the deck)

- 3 Chaos Sorceror
- Veilers, Cyber Dragons, and Ryko (light attribute)
- 3 Salvo is the new Debris so the deck can blow up field alot.
- Deck thinning (slow paced) in the form of Dekoichi Allure and Vary.

Impact of the ban list:
Many people thought that Goyo Guardian was not a very big change to the game, but after testing i feel otherwise. In common situations, level 6 is still fairly easy to achieve, and so i ask you, if you are in the early or mid game, who do you synchro if not for Goyo Guardian?

Its a bad play to sync out Brionac because you wouldnt be able to OTK and Brionac isnt something you can play like water and still feel safe because you have several copies in the deck left waiting.

Most of the time, Goyo Guardian is a good pick because it not only stands as a big wall (easily taken down), but it netts you the option of a permanent Brain Control over any weaker opponent's monster.

Goyou = Gay You (im pretty sure someone pointed this out earlier but i just realised it)

A while ago, the best and most generic level was 6 , and Brionac and Goyo were many people's favorite synchros to play (including mine and Andrews)

Expect level 6 synchro combinations to see a slight decrease in play.

Decks like Plants, MGS, fish, synchro based decks all lose an option, not to mention Blackwings which has the biggest impact.

Even for my X sabers, i wouldnt want to summon Brionac (as explained above) and Sabers have an incredibly high rate of summoning level 6 synchros , and I dont summon Hyunlei alot as
one Hyunlei is enough to destroy all my opponents face down spells and traps. IMO, one of the reasons Sabers are big now is because they have 3 Heavy Storms (Hyunlei).


Heavy shit eater said...

this format still building, but there are some good deck choices to play, and most of them are competitive.
decks such as BFvayu, hero beat, infernity, x saber, psychics (lock, otk), karakuri plants are, IMO, the best choices in the current format.

mike said...

i still think vayu turbo is too insignificant for this format, or just about every format, but then i could be wrong.

psychic lock is not that consistent (stated by akira the deck builder himself), unless there are other variants out there.

i call infernity though

LGQ said...

I don't think Infernity will top for long. when march 19th comes, they are gonna be back to how they did last format again.

Reasons why they are topping is :

Book @ 1 and Solemn @ 2. Together with the fact that most decks dropped in power. Another reason is because of the fact that they don't do Lv6 a lot, so the lost of Goyo means almost nothing to them.

But if you can't claim priority with Necromancer and ESPECIALLY Mirage, the deck is going no where.

At least thats how I feel.

mike said...

forgot about that. but they are still gonna be good.

the loss of book and warning is already such a great gain from them.

besides, infernity is one of those decks which main trap stun anyways so nothing to bug them from bermaharajalela-ing on the field.

oh and soon we have barrier :)

Bahamut84 said...

It's a mystery how infernity even win lol.

Asia format has no Hellway Patrol, 100 Eye Dragon, and obviously no Barrier.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Dragunity duelists are taking out there Cyberdarks now because of no more Gayyou Guardiderp.

blackwingEX said...

if you're playing x-sabers, you're probably expected to summon Barkion as he's the next best thing to goyo and brionac
unless of course you're forced to summon gaia knight to get over stardust or something...

there's still crevice, consecrated light and d.d.crow to take care of infernities :P

let him side in his cydras and rykos, that'll just slow him down :D

losing goyo didn't hurt x-sabers for sure :P

PS: it's way easier to side against infernities than sabers, it's also eaier to side against salvo dad since they're machines

mike said...

@ baha- yeah lo. maybe the guy got awesome skill or good matchups all day. But in Japan and America, its a tough contender.

@ BW Ex- yeah. but i dont have a barkion. ... :(