Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dragunity Arma Mystletain

Edit whole damn post...

One card synchro with mistil is still possible.

Summon Dux. Equip Phalanx, special Phalanx, send Phalanx to grave for the Mistil and equip Mistil with Phalanx, special summon it then you can sync a level 8 monster.

So..... still very much possible.

In theory may not sound so good. But.. from playtesting it works well.

Well , at least thats what my friend says. And he's been topping his uni's tourneys with Drags.

Yes, his uni has tourneys!


Kokuyoku said...

....wait is Aklys STILL treated as a monster while equipped? o_0

The TCG knows of what Misteil can do, but given the potential dead draw it can become makes it not worth running 1/2 the time.

MaX said...

You forgot to write that in order to special summon Dragunity Arma Mystletainn through his effect you have to send 1 face-up Dragunity monster you control to the Graveyard!

So, in order to do the combo you mentioned before, you have to either already control 1 face-up Dragunity for the "sacrifice" or a Legion from a previous turn!

Something which is not quite possible considering most used Dragunity have cr@ppy attack and defense points!

It's not a free special summon like in Blackwings they have Bora and Gale or in X-Sabers they have Faultroll!

Not good card is not good!

But besides that....Dragunity don't exactly have much space!

They really need support cards like Cards of Consonance, Pot of Duality, Dragon Ravine , Terraforming, Malefic Stardust Dragon, etc. and to that add that they have to add "hate" cards as well like Solemn Warning and Icarus Attack!

Anonymous said...

You cannot Special Summon "Dragunity Arma Mystletainn" by sending to the Graveyard a "Dragunity" monster that is not being treated as a Monster Card, such as if it is being treated as an Equip Card


LFN said...

^ lol how rude

MaX said...

Person that abuses the fact that he is behind a screen!

The fact that he writes as anonymous is proof enough!

I should have paid better attention on your post though!

I didn't see that you said to tribute aklys while he is equipped on a Dragunity monster, something which is not possible!

Well, now that you know that you were wrong I hope you understand that the entire idea of Mystletainn in the deck is bad!:P

mike said...

@ kokuyoku- well i wasnt sure so oh well. im not sure, but my friend ran

@ anon- ppl make mistakes. why are you reading this blog? i dont see you topping.

@ max- thanks. yeah im pretty much used to it edi. when you blog, these things will happen.

errr i have eddited the damn post :) do take a look.

petqwe said...

A reason to run Misteil is Effect Veiler. At least you still synchro something big after your Dux/Legion is Veilered.

Although I personally am not going to run a lot of Misteil.

toushirou_1989 said...

Dragunity is very destructive but slow when deal with those explosive deck... once those deck explode then dragunity sure GG one... Plus now with monster priority change, one BTH would totally destroy dragunity... explosive deck includes junk doppel, 6 sam, infernity, plant karakuri machina.

Catking5 said...

You do realize that the priority rule change doesn't hurt dux or legionnaire. BTH works as well now as ever. Their effects are not instant, they use the chain.

Anonymous said...


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hey holla - ur spellin suxt

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Anonymous said...

are youz aware that phalanx can only be special summoned once per turn. so you need 2 in the grave. but if you so manage to get 2 in the grave... EASY, you can synk up to about 3 times using lv 6 arma and dux in combo with and phalanx... 3 star dusts in one turn and because of dragon rivine and 3 cards or cons you can pretty much do it every turn. allso if you go for a distructive syyle deck you can allso add 3 aklys and mititium for the 4th synk and some distruction.