Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Asia Format gets its first picture playmat !!

 This is the picture of the trophy you will get when you win Top Store
 The blue design playmat is what the national winner of each country's Asia Plus will get.
 The Mermail playmat is what the winner of the entire Asia Plus Regionals Tourney will win. This means that there will only be 3 pcs in the world.
 These are medals for winners.
 This is what the winner of the entire Top Shop Regionals will get.

So i went to locals last week and got these pics. Basically i had no time to access the internet during the past few days to post this up.

This information is what i got from the Paul, the tournament organizer in Malaysia. Any information wrongly posted is a result of :

1) language barrier because that guy doesnt really speak ENG and i dont really speak Chinese and know zero cantonese.

2) he did not deliver the information properly as he may or not have known.

3) i was not paying attention.

Any other unclear information is a result of the above too.

And lastly , thanks to Baha and co. for buying off my AE cards !

Gonna be back to Yugioh soon.

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Anonymous said...

Holy ballz.. mermail limited edition playmat @.@