Saturday, September 1, 2012

Max C

In today's meta for the ocg , max c is a very good card. Whether it is better than effect veiler some decks can afford to maindrck it. Because it does well vs lavals , hieratic, agents and mermail and certain rogue unexpected Matchups like x saber infernty etc.

For examples if u main deck it in mermail it gets u your combos much faster and once you have gained a considerable amount of advantage it is easier for you to go for the kill with megalo or explode. The deck is arguably the most flexible asianfomat deck so far in my opinion and the Atlantans are just severely toned down versions of inZektor hornet. They are a balanced archetype and konami did a good job creating them, they are what inZektors should have been for the past 6 months

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Anonymous said...

Wow the new look/layout takes some getting used to. Looks pretty cool though :)