Friday, September 28, 2012

What I Want Out of Yugioh

this wont be a ranty post but just some personal preferences i wish i could get out of Yugioh.

There wont be any game design stuff as i'll let Konami do their job as the format now is good already.

First things first is i wish the artwork would change back to the old Yugioh back in the Yugi era. it seems that the artists from the old era have completely been fired and i know they want the game to be more directed to younger kids but im sure younger kids prefer the old pictures etc :-/ I mean one of the many reasons, many started Yugioh back in the past was how the artwork had some mystique and the storyline was good etc.

I mean if I were a kid wanting to start a game now, honestly if i was just first introduced to the Yugioh zexal anime theres no way i'd even want to play the game.

Take for example, some card design. Compare Skill Drain with Soul Drain. Sould Drain artwork is like 3/10 compared to skill drain as it lacks so many intricate details.

The second thing i wish was for OCG to have more tins or promotional items which make Yugioh fun to buy again >:D

Stuffs like the briefcase last time which had blue eyes ultimate dragon UTR with 2 decks some packs bla bla bla or the Exodia one. Yes i admit i was conned into these things when i was young but it was fun ! The last promotional package i could rmbr was the one with Starlight Road.

And admit it opening tins and booster packs are quite fun too lol.

TCG people are lucky as they have like 1000 tins per year  and awesome imba contents like the Hanzo tin :(


GQ said...

zexal actually has some pretty good writting and strong characters in ygo standards. everything aside from the character design is good for the most part

Anonymous said...

In the TCG we also spend way more on the game because there are so many releases, and everything gets rarity bumped =/

Anonymous said...

^ What Anonymous said. I wouldn't be too jealous haha. The good cards are harder to get and ultra expensive for a format in comparison to in Asia, but then they're worth nothing when they get mass-reprinted in a tin/special edition!

Not complaining about reprints though, I'm one of the people who always waits for them ;)

mike said...

Yeah true agreed seeing all the rarity boosts and how one card can rise to 30 or 50 dollars makes it a very expensive game. However the surge in product releases over there is too much compared to OCG. The difference is that here we don't have any product worth buying and it's really boring. Opening legendary collection and Tins are fun but in OCG our cards may be cheaper, but at what cost? We Have to buy an entire box at a certain price and only 1 or 2 cards are worth getting in there (hence why I never buy boxes). So anyone who say konami doesn't look out for TcG is plain wrong, even ur booster packs have shueisha releases and exclusives and you guys have 9 cards I think per booster while we get 5. And lastly u guys have X number of ycs per year while OCG only has nationals, and occasionally 2 or 3 regionals per year (referring to south east Asia) and when u guys play weekly locals u have nice turbo packs with nice foil and reprints while we get trash. :(

JAPH said...

while in Japan, people can use OCG TCG or even korean cards...
yea, i feel you. I'm also tired adjusting myself and forced to budget expensive cards with broken effects. or maybe.. that's card games in general :(