Friday, September 14, 2012

Promos worth investing in for Asia format :)

While Dt 3 onwards isn't legal here in Asia, we must not forget there is still dt1 and 2 legal.

For example: mist worm !

While its not incredibly broke, it has decent usage as many decks find that they can make level 9 but  trishula has been banned for ages. Mist worm could fill that space.

At the same time other notable cards like fabled raven is legal so dark world can use it. Other interesting techs people could have forgotten Include machine emperor grannel infinity in karakuris or wisel for random decks :D

Other cards worth investing in now include medallion coat of Arms, devil fran ken, big eye, shock ruler etc.

There are also doom caliber knight and fossil dyna which are good meta beat cards so people can get creative :D

Been testing mermail. Holy it's a good deck. InZektor number 2 as the atlanteans remind me of hornets. 

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