Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Malevolent Catastrophe

Is a very very important card this format.\

Especially against Hero beat when you are going second in games 2/3.

As hero Beat is considered to be one of the most represented decks in the OCG, you will have alot to fear clearing away their backrow.

For example, like me, when Im playing mermail Atlantean, people will side in 2 soul drain, or maybe skill drain, depending if they side any, which is likely.

Compared with the fact that they will set multiple backrows, or even 3 to 4 if there is starlight road/solemn judgment but i doubt many will use them in hero beat, at least not in the OCG.

Malevolent Catastrophe hurts the deck just as much as cards like Dimension Prison hurt the deck.

Having multiple Heavy Storm rocks and if they do use Solemn then its okay as i can use my saved up MSTs to hit the Soul Drain, and Marksman to hit the facedowns.

Hero beats best card vs Mermail is undoubtly super Polymerization because i cant chain to it, and it rids them of Megalo or any big beater easily. Also Absolute zero is incredibly hard to get rid of. Only D Prison, Mirror Force, and Dark Hole do it efficiently, and that, is to account that you will still lose resources in the process.

HOWEVER shining is mermails best friend as Megalo into discarding Armsman makes it miss timing.

From testing Mermails VS hero beat last week, its hard for heroes to match with mermail with the amount of s/t trap destruction you have. Chain Gemini Spark? Hit my Abyssphere, you chain your MST, k, you -1 yourself.


Anonymous said...

How does shining miss the timing if armsman was discarded?

Anonymous said...

How do atlantean mermail decks work? I've tried playing them, but I have found that anything with more than 2400 attack is a huge difficulty to deal with (unless I have armsman).

Anjo said...

I've been using Delta Crow Anti-Reverse in my Side Deck for my BF deck for a while now since the start of this format. It has saved me from a couple of games, but I sorta hate that sometimes the opponent would chain that Skill Drain, and I can't do sh*t about that.

After reading this post, I'm thinking of replacing Delta Crow Anti-Reverse for Malevolent Catastrophe, but I don't like the fact that you need your opponent to attack before you can use Malevolent Catastrophe

What would be better in your opinion?

mike said...

Summon megalo discard arms place megalo chain link 1 arms chain link 2. Arms effect resolve first destroy shining then megalo effect search sphere so shining miss timing.

There are so many ways . Example could be maxing out arms man (current built) and I'm testing out atlantean squad where the attack boost is very nifty. U can just make armory arm , gungnir, whatever shit u wan and kill. If u wanna tech snowman eater it's possible too. Dark hole mind control prison t etc

@anjo- depends on ur playstyle. Honestly I wouldn't play bf this format. I think delta crow is better it just depends on ur timing on chaining these things etc.

Anonymous said...

I thought megalo would resolve first by searching for an abyss card, then the other 2 discarded cards would resolve on a separate chain.

mike said...

No it is how I described it above.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure? I thought Atlanteans effects placed on chain links 1 and 2 because they were triggered first.

mike said...

No Zzz U can choose Urself assuming the megalo summon wasn't negated

Anonymous said...

Well the way you described is like playing card destruction and discarding 3 dark worlds and then resolve those dark world effects before drawing cards for card destruction. Is that example comparable?