Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New meta shift

Yes i havent touched yugioh since the announcement of the last banlist but then the news is too big to ignore !!! Time to analyze meta

Tier 1:

HEROES <3 p="p">AHL
Dino rabbit with Gold Sarc (after TGU)
Wind Ups (best deck of the format. Once Extra pack is out)

Tier 1.5 to 2:
Six Sam
Chaos Dragon


NO laval still thank God.

My lovely Gorz is finally legal <3 p="p">
more to come after exams done with


Anonymous said...

Gorz is already legal o.o ..or I misunderstood that :/

GQ said...

gorz and all the other promos were illegal in asia format until yesterday where they lifted the ban on every non-reprinted promo aside from the DT stuffs (3 and onward)

@mike : good job getting your old template back, i've always hated the new one

mike said...

Back due to popular demand :)