Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Deep Dark Trap Hole and Tribe Shocking Virus

Today i want to cover these two cards as sidedeck options. Mainly to beat the 2 structure deck decks, which are the Dark World deck and Agent Angels.

Deep Dark Trap Hole is a weird choice, some may say, but its very good when you go against Agent Angels since it takes care of the 2 main threats, Kristia and Hyperion.

At first, i was doubtful of DDTH's ability but Andrew told me that it was his MVP card when he took 1st place at Team Qualifiers in KL last week. Furthermore, he said that Shining Darkness turned out to be irrelevant and bad, which i has suspicions already, but then i guess we cant get 100% accurate prediction on a card's efficiency.

Many people were scouting this card once they saw how Team Monte Carlo (stupid name stupid show LOL) utilised it last week.

On paper, throretically, DDTH adds on 2 more BTH for you to destroy Kristia and Hyperion, and since there isnt any priority, its worth maining. Against DW, it destroys Grapha, but im doubtful about this since Grapha + Lightning probably will destroy DDTH already.

I have yet to test it, but oh what the heck.

Then recently Kyde asked me to cover Tribe Shocking Virus in a post.

This card is the best card for mirror match choices, and is a decent choice if you ask me. Its an easy advantage card, and against Angel, you can do so much, because Kristia cannot stop it. Removing my useless Shine Ball to kill oppponent's whole field?

Since its a monster, it can stop shien and is very useful in BF and Six sam mirror matches.

Gonna test it soon in tourneys.

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Cameron said...

Kind of a let down that shining darkness is just meh. I was really hoping for it to be good. But who knows that could change in the TCG.