Monday, July 25, 2011

YuGiOh = RuGiOh???

This post is a pun on the name Yugioh because for those who know BM or BI (bahasa malaysia or bahasa indonesia) you will know the word Rugi means "to make a loss".

Alot of things about Yugioh has been very clear. Konami will print broken cards with high rarities and then reprint them as commons or easy to get cards.

In the OCG, we have gold series and structure decks to obtain previous hard to get Vjump or DT foils, or certain hard to get foils. such as allure of darkness, catastor bla bla bla.

which makes us wonder again if we should be spending so much on the game if we are not competitively playing each week, and we do not intend to top every single sanctioned tournament there is.

I made this post after seeing how many have complained that Kristia was not a reprint in the recent SD for the TCG but then it was reprinted in one of the collector tins.

And in the TCG, there are all sorts of awesome sets that are benefiting players now.

The recent tins, GENF special editions and Legendary Collection 2 all look pretty good to me.

Since this is all Konami's clever marketting scheme to attract lots and lots of profit! But who can blame them since they need to do something to survive in today's economy especially in the gaming industry.

We cant really complain that they are sucking the TCG players cash dry since its better to pay a small amount for a Duality rather than $150 or so. So, technically, if you didnt own Dualities initially, you wont be forking so much money. Konami makes profits, so both parties win =)

Players who did have Dualitys cant complain either because usually, they would have used them to a great extent already (and won some tourneys cos of it) or they are rich and have good amount of trade fodder/ profit, so it wouldn't matter much to them anyway. Players who forked out $450 out for 3, and spent all their dough on it, before reprints were confirmed are just sad then.

Now im just sceptical why the hell Konami OCG arent doing anything special to help us more >=(

Its been a freaking long time since we had a Collector's Tin, or had Special Editions like last time there were BPT tins released each year, and we had those suitcases collections with promo cards like Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon or the 5 Exodia parts. What happened to all the support for the OCG?

Sure there are Vjump subscriptions and some other stuff but then its not much useful to us since we cant subscribe to Vjump, and they are pricey if you search them from Malaysian sellers, and they arent even legal for play here. Which confines our card pool to just packs, and structure decks? Which kinda sucks lol.

I want them promo tins again =(

Anyway i think i lost track of what i wanted to say...............


Yesterday i tested out Arcanite Rabbit Beat. It was good. Its still good and it is quite similar to the previous Cat synchro. Clarence made a great deck. I don't know how it will survive in this format, but i think it should do decently, and im sure that if any tier 1 deck is gonna abuse rabbit, this is gonna be the number one deck.

I was considering to build it, but the deck didnt really suit my playstyle so oh well. I really hate Ryko Lightsworn Hunter! =( My mills are crappy. Which is one of the main reasons why i would not use it.


As for No.11, Big Eye somebody on my FB Yugioh group posted the translations in Chinese:

VB14-JP00?(UR)No.11 ビッグ・アイ(No.11 巨眼) 暗 7阶 魔法师·超量 2600 2000

VB14-JP00?(UR)No.16 色の支配者ショック・ルーラー(No.16 色之支配者 电击支配者) 光 4阶 ?·超量 ???? ????

Since the Big Eye translations have not been on Shriek you can check it out here. Sadly i cant read Chinese.

So............... I use Google Translator!

And here's the lousy (cacat) translation:

VB14-JP00? (UR) No.11 Bldg ッ グ AI (No.11 big eye) dark magician excess of 26,002,000 7-order
7 star monster × 2
Original results
This card will not be, and the name with "No." Monster other than the battle damage. 1 Round 1, put this card in addition to an excess of material to get started. The other party the existence of a monster field of control. This effect uses the round, this card can not attack.

So basically, if i can translate it roughly, this is the text. However it is inaccurate and i never said this is the right one:

Effect: This card cannot be destroyed except during battle involving a monster with "Number" in its name. Once per turn, remove one overlay unit (xyz material) to activate this card's effect. Banish one selected monster (???). When this card uses its effect, it cannot declare an attack during that turn.

Either you banish a monster or you take control of an opponent's monster. Seriously no idea. 2x Level 7 is quite hard!! 2x Level 6 is so easy in X Saber. Please release something decent with rank 6 !!

Thats all for today.


Bong 王 said...

Actually the effect is translated as:
"This card cannot be destroyed by battle except by a "No." monster. Once per turn, you can remove 1 exceed material to take control of 1 of your opponent monsters (regardless of face up or face down). This card cannot attack during the turn it activates this effect." This is the correct translation.

Basically, it's a terabyte without the level limit...xD

zzxiaoboizz aka pohseng said...

it actually meant that u can take control of opponent monster by removing 1 material but big eye cannot attack this turn.

Dominic said...

For No.11 its effect is : By removing one exceed material, you can take control of one of your opponent's monster. No.11 can't attack this turn.

By removing (??) exceed material, declare one type of card. (Monster,spell,trap) Until your opponent end phase, neither player can use the declared cards.

Hope it helps. =)

Bahamut84 said...

Actually for Big Eye its "gain control of the monster"

And its an anime effect.

mike said...

thank you all :)

Seigi said...

It's not really "rugi" if it's worth the price, though, lol. It's awesome that Konami keeps printing stuff out so that more players have (cheaper) access to it. Players who rage from the massive de-valuation due to reptints shouldn't be surprised, because the possibility of a reprint of any card has been there all along.

The only type of deck I can see getting out Big Eye without too much effort is probably Machinas (Gearframe)and Karakuris (Burei).. but even that's not really a great tradeoff.