Saturday, July 16, 2011

Japan East Nationals decklists

really good to see Offering Gadgets plus TG in the top 4. It has always been a good deck, just that no one played it.

Dark World topped too. More evidence that Beige > silva > goldd.

I traded off my Agent angels + gantetsu + 2 orange herald, for WWBF including 1 vayu, 2 asian eng SR sirocos, 1 SR armor master, 1 SR ams wing and other crucial stuff. Then i traded 2 raiohs for a SR ocg siroco. Good deal is good =)

Time to start playing WWBF for the 1st time :) the deck is still good.

And i also managed to get 3 Fragments of Greed, 2 shining darkness, 1 white knight illuminator so i dont think i will be touching PHSW anymore.

Ragia is a wee bit overrated. Its no where near shien, not even with Rescue Rabbit around because its effect only runs once, which isnt as good as shien's each turn effect. tested with it already. Your opponent can just summon it, and you play BTH, he negates, and you can run over Ragia easily next turn. Or a bunch of other stuff.

Thats all for today, not much happening in YGO nowadays, we reached that static standpoint of the format.

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LGQ said...

I don't think OCG is gonna see more tg decks running around. What made TG top in TCG is mainly Reborn Tengu (and how well TG works with it), without it, TG won't be as good a control deck (and we know how well it does as a syncro spam deck ...)