Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shining Darkness

Just when i thought i was going to put Dark World away for good and make it my OCG tourney deck only, i saw this from the new box.

Release 1 Dark monster with 1500 or more attack and destroy all monsters special summoned this turn.

Definitely gonna get 3 of it.

The cost is honestly a joke.

In my DW, i run 3 Breaker, 3 Grapha, Bronns and Beiges.

Breaker on its own is already a floater who has gained me a plus one and possibly another plus one through battle. Tributing Grapha is like tributing for Eradicator Epidermic Virus.

And tributing Bronn and Beige is nothing too since they will just be used as Gate for DW fodder.

This card ensures a plus one, and is sorta a -1 (except with Breakers and Graphas) but it throws off your opponent's tempo the whole turn. He can try to special summon more but they will just ended up getting destroyed. (i think thats how it works?)

I will definitely side it or try teching it. Seems like a decent card to keep a playset of. Sort of like Debunk and Forbidden Lance.

The best decks to run this card in it probably GK and DW. Cost of tributing Recruiter or Spy with Necrovalley on the field is also quite funny...

No point for me to talk about Crimson Blader since everyone has discussed it already.


Bong 王 said...

So basically, does it kill the monsters that have been special summoned or does it just destroy the monster that will be special summoned? Card text is kind of vague.

mike said...

no idea. wait rulings.

Anonymous said...

i think you only destroy monsters that have been sp summoned before you activate the trap...