Monday, July 18, 2011

Tech Genus

Is officially the meta with it topping North American WCQ and doing so well in East Japan's nationals. TG Power Gladiator is super annoying !!!

abit wtf. but it just goes to show, a good archetype should not be underestimated and will take a while for it to settle, and seep into the meta. much like agent angels.

I noticed in Europe's WCQ, it did quite well too. I see Luke Lennard topping with X Sabers again with the very same decklist from last time (with minimal change), at least sabers arent all dead in tcg :s

Michael Gruner's list looked interesting too with mained maxx C's and Tour Guides, im in no position to comment because i have no idea how it works (been out of frame with TCG for a long time) so i'm hoping either Mike Bon or LFN does a review of his deck.

At the same time, I would like to give a shoutout to Rauzes, in response with his quittin of the game (for real this time i guess) and for popularizing yugioh blogs, and although my blog was older than yours, it was through your efforts that made many of us (including me) more passionate abt blogging 1.5 years ago. Other stuff i wanna say have been said by EVERYONE else already in FB or through blog posts or in his blog etc.

Good luck and God bless in your future endeavours, and you are a very generous guy (some like Sean LGQ, Team Arcobaleno, Team Eneme will know what im talkin abt) and im sorry i didnt get to know you better although you were in KL. although you did know some of my school's seniors xD


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, Luke Lennard is a well known stacker ;)

Granted, he has made it VERY far, but he has won large tournaments due to illegal activation of cards etc.

Anonymous said...

Aye do agree with you. Luke Lennard stacks the hell out of most matchs. Doesn't each tourney he get a game lose for stacking and marked cards? Heard YCS Paris he did and apparently Euros...