Thursday, July 28, 2011

Replies to Yesterday's post's comments :)

First of all, I would like to justify that I think TG Hyper Librarian is totally bad card design, is crazy, and i am totally for it being banned (as i have stated lol)

This part of the post is a reply to Baha's post :)

However i do think that although Tg Librarian is crazy, i think Konami will only limit it. Im aware that the reasoning i gave about "TCG just got it" is not a solid one but nevertheless it is one.

What i am sceptical about is that Konami Japan (OCG) and Konami USA (TCG) are also Konami and they should both look out for each other nevertheless. Konami's aim is to draw profits and i think they will limit it so the TCG can make more money out of it.

I am aware it is an SJ promo and i may be talking out of my ass here (so correct me if im wrong lol) and i do not know how deals are carried out between SJ US and Konami since SJ was given the rights to print the card so i guess its not really a Konami product?

Urmmm i just dont think it will be banned, however if it does get banned, i am also happy nevertheless like all of you others =)

I also realised that yesterday i forgot to talk about Grapha. Its amazing and those who do not think much of Dark World probably have not faced off against good DW players or good decks which is a very likely possibility. It is probably the best monster , even better than Caius, Machina Fortress and Hyperion. Like LGrunty said, its silly since it makes any DW monster in your hand a floater and a +1. Consistent 3000 atk beatstick is not fun if your playing against it.

But, its not gonna be touched. Yet :p But it should, it should !

At the same time, talking about BLS. Yeah guess it is unhealthy for the game. But! Konami has shown too many signs about bringing BLS back to the game.

1) Reprint in GS TCG
2) Sorceror coming back @ 1, 2, 3 last few times.
3) Rumours from DGz, Pojo etc
4) Quite alot of new light support from Photon Shockwave?
5) Kevin Tewart's dumbass remark about Tengu and diversity in the game etc. Maybe he wants to promote more "diversity"

Also, i will have to retract Reborn Tengu from my list yesterday for the part of "what Konami would do"

Obviously it should be semi-ed lol but Kevin Tewart has shown signs that he doesnt intend to limit Tengu from his post on Pojo which you can find @ the Death Aspect Blog. At the moment, my computer is retarded and i cant comment on Michael B's post so i will just say it here that it was a 10/10, a must read, and he shot Kevin Tewart down in every point/aspect. Sadly, i dont think Konami TCG is gonna care.

OK thank you for reading :)


petqwe said...

I know I am rude but I need to say:

If Kevin Tewart dies one day, we should celebrate. This bastard has done too much harm to the game and does not deserve to stay in this game/industry.

And while I/we can forsee the unban of BLS, this is the worst thing we can afford to see. Oh yes, BLS will fall/fail in front of Warning/Solemn/Oppression/Bottomless. But then Cyber Stein fails HARD in front of Oppression, and this does not guarantee an unban of Cyber Stein. Any idea of unbanning BLS is pojo logic. We already have 3 Chaos Sorc, and nobody should have/need anything bigger than that.

mike said...

i second that lol. but nah no need to kill off KT. just have him fired i guess.