Thursday, November 26, 2009

Card Trader- solves the inconsistency.

Just 15mins ago, I was dueling friends with D.D Eatos. As you know, it is really hectic to play against this deck but I was in for a surprise. My friend used GBs and it was swiftly taken down. Proxied Blackwings- 3/3 won (burden makes them so small...) dn't need to play with Lightsworn as the outcome was obvious.

BUT, then I played against Synchro. Really no face ah. Score stood at 3:2. He won 2 games from Creature swap! My deck just drew inconsistent repititions of Dimension Fissure, Skill Drain etc and my Eatos beat me to hell =.= When I played the first game against that deck, I couldn't even draw ONE out play card as all my Macro and d.d fissures are down there =.= So he stall by Collosal Fighter. Lastly, used trunade then flip Jar and deck him out. Too cool.

But what bugged me was the inconsistency. I stopped playing DDGB for standard GB (seriously it works much better and is so much more consistent- DD fissure can be sidedecked bah) I've been playing Meta decks for the past how many formats since Monarchs. This time is exception as I stopped halfway for PMR bah so I didnt get to collect the Black Feather or Lightlord cards.

Then suddenly it hit me as one of my friends used a card to solve his old Cyber deck's consistency. What card was that? Card Trader.

This card lets you switch one card for another. Yes it's that useful and in anti meta the inconsistency and the repitition of Macro, Skill drain or any sort key cards is just horrible! Can't stand ah. If we run Card Trader, we not only solve the inconsistency, we get to draw the key cards.

Face it, in anti meta you always come into the situation where you have to topdeck and sometimes you need a monster but you never get it. The same goes as you sometimes want to draw that Smashing or Fissure but all you draw is useless Raious or DCKs! Its too horrible.

Then again, you CANT reduce the number of your key card (eg: skill drain deck must play 3 drains) or else you wont see it as often in the game. Think about it. Cut 2 cards just to run JUST TWO card traders and cut that inconsistency rate. Yes, its that simple. I know the inclusion of such a random card and "never before heard of this idea its preposterous!" card sounds bad and you might not be able to accept it soon, but take it from here: Card Trader HELPS. Yes, you are doubtful!

Card Trader is also a spell card and like all other spells/ traps its vulnerable to Breaker. So? Let your opponent waste his card on Trader. That way he cant rid your DD Fissures. Yes. If he destroys fissure, I can just use Trader next turn to hopefully test my luck at 4 more cards (1 Jar, 2 fissures, 1 Macro) How's that for foul play?

If your luck become "Taiti" luck and draw 2 Card Trader, almost rejoice. Although this actually puts you at a -2 because it doesnt do much to handle field presence so yeah. Run 2 enough I think. 3 is too many. Later it becomes like Skill Drain or D.D Fissure. :-l

If D.D Eatos can incorporate this card into the deck, it might just solves many problems out there. I'm gonna proxy 2 and get them somehow and let you guys know of the result. Maybe I need 3? I also dunno. But Card Trader is just the card for anti meta. If you draw another useless card, well goes the old saying "Not everyday is a sunny day" and "every dog has his day" so next turn you can just win it.

Thats all for today's posts. And good morning all Yu-Gi-Oh! players =)

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