Saturday, November 28, 2009

No posts for today. Hopefully tommorrow will remember what I wanna post.

Training with squash racket for 3 days in a row is not fun. Pain till high heaven.

Time to go to bed.....

I want starlight road! Speaking of it, I'll just explain to everybody why Starlight road is so good in D.D Eatos =)

You see, Eatos dimension is like all other anti-meta decks and are inconsistent. Basically, if you do not have Skill Drain or your key cards, its very true that you will die to Gyzarus, Celestia, and Judgment Dragon etc. Therefore, it's there to solve those problems and add field presence in the form of a big white beatstick. Neat huh?

Then if you have Gemini Spark and Neos Alius, the game just gets better and better...

Why? Your oppponent has lost his big kickass monster and now needs to deal with a Stardust and is hopefully stalling his way out or setting up for a combo. Gemini's spark helps you destroy whatever your opponent is trying to turtle through with.

Then you draw. And draw again next draw phase. Which leaves you to gathering your Skill Drains. There. Pro huh?

I just realise Card Traders are impossible to find. So far, only got one. Lam, LGQ, you guys got any? If come across any, help me find and then sell/trade to me at KL there. =) Since LGQ posted his wants, I shall post mine. But open to KL ppl only and especially u 2 guys n Khye, (wherever he is..)


1) 1x card trader
3) 2x Battle Fader (i think its normal rite?)
4) 2x Plot of the Piano Tuner (normal also rite?)
5) Fortune Ladies (LGQ- trade me the Fortune Ladies CheepCheep)
6) Some old Blue Eyes White Dragons that have the picture of the one Kaiba use in anime. Common or rare=fine. If low on cash, will settle for commons only.
7) Some Promo cards like Tyrant Neptune, Atmosphere etc. Buy in pack better n cheaper de.

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