Monday, November 2, 2009


Sexiest Monster: Obviously Dark Magician Girl. She still beats Nurse Angel Lily, D.D Warrior Lady, E-hero Burst Lady and such. I like the anniversary version best still. :l Harpie Lady girl may be cute, but DMG still more classical and desirable than her. Later got painful bird claws and God Bird Attack.

Sexiest spell: Soul Release (Japanese version!!!) stupid la the Eng version go put a cloth over the girl in there. Censorship for the American kids i guess. :P

Sexiest trap: Still no idea. Bad Reaction to Simochi? O.O??!! Emo green skinned girl being tortured is not nice. Solemn Judgment?? Got 2 girls standin behind God ma....XD Waboku? No they are nuns hell no. No category for this I think. oo

Sexiest YGO original character: Mai Kujaku. Anybody who thinks its Anzu (Tea) has bad taste.

Sexiest GX character: Tenjoin Asuka is smoking. The adult Rei become quite cute le.

Sexiest 5ds character: Probably Aki. If only she was more feminine.

Now what do you guys think? Opinions in tagbox or comments please.

Okay that was random enough. :/

Next time: Looks good but is it good? Looks bad but is it bad?

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