Monday, November 9, 2009

Proof of Powerlessness

After waking up at 7am just to go to school and judge the school debate, feel so sien le. The Secondary 1 students were attrocious and horrible I feel like shouting -.- One called studs "gold balls" and that student was a girl. WTF man how can she dunno she herself uses it. -.- And apparently their english is terrible too because they called a person who rapes "a rapper". We stared and lifted our eyebrows and the poor girl (luckily!) realised her mistake and corrected it. Needless to say, remember this (for Malaysians only)- Not all private school english is very damn keng and pro. Refer to above and you will laugh. There are a whole lot more things and they were really below par and disappointed us. How to find potentials for Swinburne Debate? I also dunno. siens. Childish too. Gah! You people may wonder why the hell I'm judging a debate tourney and think to yourselves: WTH since when does Michael here debate????!!! so yeah, now u know, i debate >.Proof of Powerlessness.
If you control a level 7 or higher monster on your field, you may destroy all face up level 5 or lower monsters on your opponent field. Your monsters cannot attack this turn.

I think this is one of the cards that provide ALMOST-free destruction. It is situational because you need to control level 7 monsters, but I think the deck that is gonna benefit most from this is Cosmos and Skill Drain Barbaros simply because they are constantly full of high level monsters- ranging from Guardian Eatos, Barbaros, and Fusilier which are all run in multiples. Of course you could argue that your opponent could chain a card to rid the presence of your level 7 monster but then again, all cards have its drawback and all combos are prone to that threat.

* It should be used in ur opponent's turn to avoid loss of advantage through permission to attack. It's definitely surprising to pull this card off. Free destruction- I'm not complaining :-l I'd like to use it to destroy those little Gladiator Beasts on the field wahahahahaha and maybe stop Magoushin (Demon Roar God) from coming clean with the little cute beasts. Its a GB killer and Cosmos plus SDB players, you can try teching this card around.

The card to look out for in Absolute Powerforce
Usually I dont bother to read the card effects thoroughly but one particular card caught me eye. Its none other than ...:

Plot of the Piano Tuner.
Continuous Trap Card: When a synchro monster is special summoned to your opponent's field, you may take control of it. If it is destroyed, it is REMOVED FROM PLAY. When it is removed from the field, destroy this card too.

I think you all see the beauty of Piano Tuner Plot. Yes its a permanent Brain Control- wait no scrape that I mean permanent change of heart for synchros! Sweet isnt it? Now one thing I'm not sure is that if Piano Tuner is destroyed, does the monster return to the opponent? Thats rather unclear as it isnt stated on the card. Who knows it might end up like Call of the Haunted when u can trunade it away to your hand and your monster still stays on the field still. This could be the next card to tech or throw in your sidedecks (preferably: anti meta decks)

Thats all for today lazy to post long long le cause feel so tired and sien. Tonight might be wan karaoke again. =_= sien.

Oh! one more thing: here are 2 very interesting decks that I saw on Shriek. Here are the links as Im lazy to type out. Now after you read the 1st deck, the question I ask you guys is: Are old era decks good enough to take on the meta?

Deck 1: Mole Beats
Deck 2: Meta Feather (3rd place deck)

Dont ask me why I dint provide link through words. Something on blogger told me couldnt post cause link broken. Again: Lazy change haha

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