Monday, November 16, 2009

Eternal Rest!

Today's topic is random as I have nothing much to update. No its not about the card above its a terrible card but what caught my eye is the picture. Isnt that Kycoo the Ghost Desteroyer?? Woah he looks mighty scary all right! In fact his attack sounds cooler than Blue eyes' burst stream, or Red Eyes' Inferno something something,,,, and its definitely better than Red demon dragon's absolute powerforce. This one sounds so cool man, i mean "Eternal Rest!" is like puttin the opponent monster to sleep forever or something. I guess thats why Kycoo removes monsters from the game as it is "Eternal" rest after all and they will never come back...Except for you know...But I wonder why Kycoo doesnt have the half scar on the face in that picture. Is there a story to that? I'd like to know.

Seems like Asian Qualifiers in Singapore was so terror. you can come here to read it. Thank God at least Malaysia got proper organisers and stuff and is not "one sided". Poor baha, no i mean poor Singaporeans.

Seems like the first place deck is Lightsworn. Hopefully in Malaysia it will be Black Feather- I'm rooting for them ah. Seems like no anti meta or DDGB strategy prevailed. LGQ is right. Anti Meta has a tendency or some "curse" to lose in every tourney. Quite true also wor. Its generally more inconsistent than all the other meta decks. WHY? It lacks SYNERGY. All bout countering moves and simplifying the game. In tourneys, sure got "good luck" draw hand that 50% is monsters. How le? Die lo. All the cards ALMOST HAVE NO SYNERGY.

You may argue that some anti meta builds do have synergy. True also, but can compare to meta builds mah? No, like nothing.

Some people may argue also why some crappy decks make it to the top8/top 16 in certain tourneys. They look at the decklist and say lousy and whatsoever (quotes ken: Looks like a kid make that deck!). There's the beauty of the Sword is Mightier than the Pen. You see, the deck in action is more important than the decklist you write. Some decklists look good but when you play it, its like.....meh. That almost explains why random decks like the Ryan Spicer Alchemist Chaos build can actually run well in the past few SJs.

After watching GX series and readin the manga again, I fell in love with my old deck: E-hero! Wish can play it again T_T :( so fun to ram people with absolute zero or pulling off FlameWingman for the win, ala-Judai. T_T Now E-hero so keng ah got many versions and DivaZero is like the most fun deck to play out there I think. Nostalgia.

Finding ALL versions of Guardian Eatos. TCG version also can =) If you are Malaysian and you have, and you're willing to sell/trade, please:

1) find me on MSN n discuss
2) announce in tagbox
3) message 016-5227501 n tell me.

I will send cards by PosLaju as its super-efficient or if the deal concerns money, just tell me your bank acc and I'll debit it.

Oh if you're Singaporean or of other nationality and you are coming to Malaysia between 9th December to 14th Dec, just tell me and we'll go Sungei wang and find.

MSG TO ALEX: I know ur coming to Mal soon, get 3 for me (the cheapest version- be it TCG or OCG) and then I pay you when I meet you. Plsplsplsplsplspls =)

Maybe I'll ask my parents for the 2 copies of that big duel disk for Christmas present hehe =D then can get my starlight roads. Maybe want find 3 vice dragon or 3 priest of the sun...hmmm. I think priest better la at least he's light.

MSG TO KHYE: When your online, text me I want to ask you some card prices. hmhmhmhmh

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