Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Magic Planter- this is magic

Effect: Send 1 continuous trap card you control and draw 2 cards.
In skill drain, oppresion-related decks have you ever found out that you get repeated copies of certain cards? I know I do. Especially in Cosmos decks I find that my cosmos keep repeating. Furthermore, anti-meta decks are slow and have almost no draw speed. Think about it. This is a destiny draw in hand. I think anti meta decks that max oppresion and drain should run this definitely. With 6 targets, and one more: probably call of the haunted, oh my god, this is good. Sometimes, you also find that ur skill drain is negating ur monster effect that you really need to use. Easy. Turn it into magic planter food. There's a chance that you draw skill drain/ oppresion again later.
Time to tech 2 in my barbaros oppresion drain.

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