Saturday, April 23, 2011

Backs To the Walls

OTK card for Samurai.

Decrease life to 100 lp then special summon as many samurai from the graveyard.

Have the sudden urge to play the deck now. With Gateway no longer @ 3, the deck has turned into a skill control deck.

Spent the whole day testing Junk Doppel.

Have to say, the deck is incredibly good.

But when you get really bad mills and really bad draws, its no better than a tier 2.5 deck.

Problem i face with it is pretty much common:

If i keep the deck as a fast paced synchro machine, then i will lose to cards like Bottomless Trap Hole and Solemn Warning.

If i keep it control based, it will be slow as hell.

If i keep it in between, like how it is now, it has chance of getting extremely crappy hands.

Currently searching for cards that can consistently dump cards into the graveyard. Aside from Foolish Burial and One for One.

Will try to figure out a deck engine soon.

Ryko + Card Gunner = extremely luck based.

No other exciting news so far. . .

Saw some guy summon Airman, then search Bubbleman, set his whole hand, special summoned Bubble, and then Exceeded into Hope, and Spring Meister . . .


LGQ said...

1 thing u need to do before you can master Junk Doppel based decks.

Believe in GOD... It helps

LightGrunty said...

Eliminate all of the luck of sending Monsters to the Graveyard by playing an all-Monster deck! Or maybe just 30-something Monsters. It totally works. But then you still lose to Solemn Warning and such, as you stated.

If you play enough Plants, then Koa'ki Meiru Gravirose can be an option. Let's you send any Level 3 or lower Monster to the Graveyard as long as you can keep it alive for a turn. It's also a decent beater when you don't need its effect.

Magical Merchant, also luck-based, but at least it doesn't mill your Pots of Avarice.

But yeah, the horrible dependence on luck is why I stopped playing Plant variants.

U said...

I run a junk doppel variant and i know what you mean by losing to bottomless and warning. I main decrees for that reason. it works well and usually its holds for a little while. Long enough to do combos to gain control.

mike said...

@ LGQ- hahahisit some secret task like achieving clear mind ? :D

@LG- tried that. it was woahhh. However thank you for suggestiing magical merchant. I might tech the deck out abit to run 1 or 2 Merchants. . . I will also have to buy Zephyros the Elite etc.

And no, i dont play many plants. I did think about Gravirose, but then keeping it on the field is too hard with next to no protection and anyone can just synchro something and kill it.

@U- Decrees arent practical here, because they are too susceptible to MST. For that reason, i decided to just run MSTs :D