Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dark World Deck (mock)

What i wanted to post about yesterday was how awesome Tyrus Protector of the Founders was.

I thought of it, but i didnt post it yet , simply because i didnt want the price to hike because of this post.

But since Guardian Angel posted about it in my comment box for the previous post, then i'd probably announce it here, if you didnt know already.

Tyrus is the best Exceed monster ever. Luckily i have reserved 3 copies from a friend.

What makes Tyrus so hard to play is the requirement of 2 level 5 monsters. Which can be easily solved through Goldd and Sillva of Dark World.

Tyrus guarantees you the chance to destroy one card at the end of the battle phase. For 2 turns it will be unaffected by card effects (SUPER WICKED this is so useful), but it is still susceptible to battle.

Of course Brionac and Trisuhla destroys it, but then Brionac + Trishula > everything anyway.

So, i tested the deck out yesterday by just coming up with a random decklist thrown together based on the best monster, and Theory-Oh!

Its FAR form complete. The deck is consistent and draws well, as long as you table shuffle it. Of course this is a table shuffle deck because the monsters tend to stack and spells and traps too, since you always get to swarm or all the fiend monsters will be removed from play by Gate's effect

If you thought Grapha was amazing, i can assure you its 10000x more amazing than you thought it would be. As long as it comes to your hand first turn, you will guarantee end up with a 2700 attack beatstick.

If you thought Doppel Dandy was amazing, for the Librarian Formula shizz, then this deck wont cease to impress, because Broww + DW dealing + Gate is too awesome.

Here we go.

3 Broww Huntsman of Dark World
3 Grapha Dragon Lord of Dark World
3 Goldd
3 Sillva
2 Khaki
2 Beige
1 Sangan
1 Morphing Jar
1 Dark Armed Dragon

3 DW Dealings
3 DW Lightning
3 DW Gate
1 Card Destruction
1 Monster Reborn
1 Allure of Darkness
1 Giant Trunade

1 The Forces of Darkness
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Dark Deal
2 Solemn Warning
2 Bottomless Trap Hole

What scares me is that this deck isnt even a stable list yet.

Also, it sorts of remind me of Samurai's swarming capability, but... it doesnt have an awesome Magatama Musakani, the third best counter trap in the game.

But then again, there are still 3 more new dark world cards scheduled for release in the new deck, and they aren't announced yet, so im thrilled since this isnt the full potential of Dark World.

DW Lightning is amazing, you need 3 of it because it destroys Bottomless Trap Hole, while giving you the need to discard. Which you need to max out on in this deck.

Often, in early game, you will find Gate of Dark World really useless because you dont have a fiend monster in the grave to remove. Thats why there are 2 Khakis, to remove. Always keep at least one copy of Broww in the grave before you remove him , because its useful to reuse him with Forces of Darkness.

Here's an example of a random solitaire hand from the deck:

What you do:

1) Play DW Dealings, draw one, pitch Grapha, destroy one card.
2) Play Gate of Dark World, and then normal summon Broww.
3) Return Broww to hand and special summon Grapha.
4) Play DW Dealings #2 or DW Lightning and discard Broww. You have managed to draw an extra card.
5) Remove Broww, for Gate, and special summon Goldd/ Silva, then draw one more card for Gates effect.

Many more combos soon. Will update tonight. Thank you for reading.


Michael Bonacini said...

Shi En immediately seems like a problem card for the deck...

But you are right. Don't you just love the feeling of making an amazing deck, and knowing it isn't even finalized? lol

LGQ said...

great minds think alike. XD

I want tyrus as well, but since the packs haven't come in yet, nothing I can do bout it.

mike said...

@ Mike Bon- Yup. No doubt about that man. However... great dark world players will find a way to play around it. There may be ways to deal with shien with the new support which arent even released.

LOL i shall claim my rights to the deck, as the ground work for OCG Dark World :D

@ LGQ- damn frusstrating waiting for tyrus. I heard mr jimmy sell rm 60 for ultra... fcking exp. lol.

Gu4rdi4n 4ng3l said...

What do you think about Puppet Master? Brings back 2 monsters which can be used for an Exceed or taken back to the hand with Grapha ;)

mike said...

actually thats an innovative idea. however...it needs to be tribute summoned, and its prone to stuff like Warning etc.

and... tribute summoning him could be hard if you dont have access to dark world dealings or lightning.

its pretty useless in the early game too.

so overall, the cons weigh more than the pros so i wouldnt run it.

however, this is something i could give some thought to.

warnings can be eliminated by dark world lightning 2 mst 2 dust tornado etc.

Anonymous said...

Why is no one using snow, magician of dark world? He would be amazing even if he couldn't search out Dealings. He has good attack for his level, he grabs every key card except for card destruction, and he turns a discard = summon combo into a discard = 4-5 summons combo.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic build. Use snow and don't use goldd and silvas. Try this link if ti can help http://www.pojo.biz/board/showthread.php?t=971285

mike said...

you guys should know that when i made this build, konami had not confirmed the release of snow.

pls check future posts for the real decklists. i cut out goldds and sillvas way before the japanese did too -.-