Monday, April 25, 2011

Guide to Dark World

Today's post regards the newly-improved Dark World archetype which will be scheduled for release in mid-2011

So there are many plenty Dark World cards around, so today i will be discussing which are relevant and good in the new post synchro, pre Exceed format.

Before i start this post, i must talk about the difference between the terms "send", "discard as a cost" and "discard as part of effect" .

Dark World monsters only get their effects when discarded as a part of an effect.

EG: DW Dealings, Card Destruction.

Remember discard =/= send! So Hand Severing (destruction) doesnt apply , sorry.

Discarding as an effect doesnt trigger Dark World monsters too. Because of miss timing, so they dont special summon.

EG of cards that discard as a cost: Lightning Vortex, Tribute to the Doomed etc.

One of Dark World's finest characteristics is that the monsters are discarded to the grave and then special summoned. Meaning Doppel Warrior. LOL.

All i can say is lucky Card of Safe Return is banned. I remember running 2 or 3 in my old deck, and WOW. Oh and Graceful Charity.

Goldd + Silva- Your free beatsticks which you should be running 2 or 3 each hands down. 2300 attack is fine, and a constant stream of 2000+ monsters is no joke. Being level 5 you can tune with Glow Up Bulb to get a level 6 synchro, and do other stuff.

You can also drop Goldd, special summon Doppel Warrior, and drop a Cerebral somehow, and then sync for Trishula. =)

Bronn, Mad King of Dark World- Bullshit. You dont need him to drop monsters because you have DW Lightning, Gate of Dark World, and Dark Realm Dealings to drop them. 2100 attack (300 boost from Gate is nothing impressive too)

Reign-beaux, overlord of dark world- More bullshit. However, this card is not too bad either because its the perfect card to side against Dark World.

Speaking of siding, its not so easy to deal with ppl siding in Reign Beaux, because the DW player can side out his Dealings and Card Destruction, because there is already Lightning and Gate to help you discard.

Grapha, Dragon Overlord of Dark World- Too awesome. Discard it and destroy a card. Then able to be special summoned. Godly. Instant staple 3

Broww, Huntsman of Dark World- Instant staple of 3 in the deck too. Explained below:

1) Broww + DW Dealing = 3x Destiny Draw
2) Broww + Gate = Destiny Draw too. LOL
3) Broww + Lightning = Destroy one, draw one.

So, Dark World can simplify the game well.

Beige, Vanguard of Dark World - Initially a few years ago, i would have wrote this card off immediately. However, now with the release of Grapha, I might take a look at this card again. Mostly because it can become a nice 1900 beatstick, with Gate. Now some of you may say 1900 is nothing compared to 2100 from Bronn Mad King.

However the case is that you can summon Beige, return him as a cost for Grapha, and still be able to special summon him if you have another DW Lightning or something in your hand. Which makes him far more versatile from Bronn.

Renge, Guard of Dark World, Scarr (scout) and Zure (knight)- More shit.

Khaki, Assasin of Dark World- I used to think this card was worth running. Now i think it should be left aside because Grapha is 10000x better. However, maining one could be possible because it acts as discard fodder for Gate of Dark World. It used to be VERY good last time, i teched one or two and they would always save me. In this fast summoning era, I doubt its ability.

Grenn, Assasin of Dark World- Similar to Khaki. What I would like to point out is that DW theme has ease with sidedecking because Grenn is a themed MST, which means its more synergical compared to MST, but im not writing off MST, because MST is still more relevant.

Dark World Lightning- Good one for one removal . I count it as a one for one, because you will get the effect of the Dark World monster you discard it for anyways. I used to think 3 is a must, but with Gate, i may reduce the number to 2.

Dark World Dealings- Destiny Draw for you. "Who don't want?" (colloquial Asian English)

Gateway of Dark World- Dont really think you need this, you have Monster Reborn and Grapha is self reviving already. But i just thought of you chaining Gateway in your opponent's end phase, and then returning the monster next turn as a cost for Grapha, and then reuse the monster. Delicious.

Gate of Dark World- The new awesome field spell. I would run 2 or 3, depending on the deck's capability. You gotta admit its great.

Dark Deal- Your opponent's spell's effect is changed to discarding a random monster from your hand.

Which is great of course. I will test this card out. Still slightly sceptical about it. Of course thats why we are maining 3 Goldd 3 Silva, 3 Broww, for maximum results. Discard Broww, and you get a free Pot of Greed. =)

Forces of Darkness- Is now very relevant because its more fodder for you to recycle Broww, and Goldd, and get off for Gate of Dark World. I would main one. Having "Factory of Mass Production" is good.


Now i will discuss other theme-supportive cards.

The usual lot are already really clear-

1) Morphing Jar
2) Card Destruction
4) Allure of Darkness
5) Solidarity
6) Eradicator Epidermic Virus
7) Deck Devastation Virus

This deck is probably gonna be the fastest deck around with Morphin Jar, Broww + DW Dealings, Card Destruction, Allure, and Gate running around.

Solidarity is interesting although i dont think the deck needs it. Having 1000 attack boost is too strong (solidarity- 700, Gate- 300)

The two new viruses are also debatable as side deck options.

As you can see, Im very excited for Dark World. And so should you !

There's something else i havent posted yet. Will test its credibility and post on it soon.
Thank you for reading.


Hung Yih said...

Grapha is a level 8 monster. You can also consider running some level 3 tuners (dark resonators and junk synchron) and dark armed dragon since gate will remove the dark world monsters, giving you grave control.

Return from the different dimension can be main too for a possible OTK. EFTDD is debatable though since it can only revive one of your removed dark world monsters. Will dragged down into the graveyard work well with dark world in this format?

Oh yeah, you want to duel online? :)

U said...

Nice job on the entry. Im excited to see how it comes out at your hands! Please keep us updated.

mike said...

@ hung yih- oops my bad abt grapha. still godly.

no, resonators = slow.

Dark armed = maybe, i forgot to include that there =)

return could be possible too, but not my cup of tea . prefer to draw, and control.

No, dragged down into the grave is not as strong as Gate of Dark world

No cant duel online. spm de.

@ U- thanks. :) im very excited to update about another card soon. but have to test first. and got my reasons from keeping it a secret first lol

Anonymous said...

i dont like dealings. give opponent too much control.

Gu4rdi4n 4ng3l said...

Deck is goind to be even better in TCG room, thanks to Tourguide from the Underworld. Search Broww, then:
1.) Go for Level 3 Exceed
2.) Return Broww to hand to summon Grapha

oh yeah, and Goldd+Sillva = Level 5, so you can easily summon Tyrus

Cunclusion: Awsome! :D

Bahamut84 said...

DW Mirror = stupid lol.

Michael Bonacini said...

Needs more Dark Deal ;)

I'm very excited for this deck

Zero said...

Dark Deal isn't really good tbh, since not everyone run as many as Normal Spell as Six Sam/Frog Monarch.

mike said...

@ Baha- yeah i know. But that can be figured out soon :) probably side out all card destruction, dw dealings and morphing jar. lol.

@ mike bon- definitely 1x dark deal. i tested it out. the deck needs many discard options, as in needs max number of dw dealings and lightning too.

@ zero- its okay okay la =D yup tour guide of underworld rocks.

@ Guardiuan Angel- Shoot man, i didnt think you were still around the bloggosphere! long time no hear from you.