Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grapha Dragon God of Dark World

(pic taken from Valafar's blog)

This card is more than amazing. Its a thousand times better than the last speculated "colorless, chaos king of dark world"

When you discard Grapha, you get to destroy one card on the field. Which is a one for one.

To top it off, once you get Grapha in the graveyard, you can return one monster to special summon it to the field.

So, unlike Goldd, or silva, its much easier to special summon and more worth it too, because you get to return one Dark World monster to your hand.

Which means it can be recycled for the cost of another card like Dark World Lightning, or Dealings of Dark World. Which is amazing.

Dark World already have Allure of Darkness, and just about Destiny Draw, because Dealings of Dark World + Broww, Huntsman of Dark World is a draw 2.

Very Very interesting.

In its own theme, i'd have to say Grapha Dragon of Dark World is ten times better than Machina Fortress. And just about better than Master Hyperion because it fits better in its own theme, thus its synergy with its own theme is higher.

When you do Dark World Lightning, and discard Grapha, you get to destroy 1 card on the field, and one face down.

With Dark World Dealings, you draw a card and destroy a card.

Then normal summon something, and then return it to hand to return Grapha to the field.

This card is amazing. Time to buy 3 boxes!

The art for the field spell is amazing too.


IcyBoi said...

I thought you cannot return 1 "Grapha, Dragon God of Dark World" you control to your hand to Special Summon another "Grapha, Dragon God of Dark World" from your Grave... ??

mike said...

oops my bad. still really good though

Anonymous said...

Seems that great minds think alike. Oh yeah, do you have a skype account? We can duel online if you want...:D Hung Yih here.

Ryuku Zukyharu said...

actually my deck is fabled darkworld(multispeed)that i is gonna be bad ass.include the demon!the speed of the deck. have you thought on the valkyrus grapha combo??? or raven?? do you imagine no hand with fabled urustos and that field spell???

it is time for all other deck so cry!!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol, Fables in Dark World is really bad and ultimately pointless. It's all about pure Dark World + Tour Guides now.