Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Gravekeeper can deal with Six Sam Shi-En

One of Gravekeeper's most difficult matchups are Samurais. Partly because of their lock with Shi-En and Magatama Musakani.

So, if your using Gravekeeper, how do you get around Shi-En and avoid Musakani ??

One of these questions came about when i saw Mike Bonacini take a Worm Chaos deck to Anaheim. Worm Xex +Yagan is incredible to return Shi-En.

I wanted to blog about this but was lazy but on FB Yugioh page, one of my friends brought this idea up which kinda reminded me to do this post. (Thanks Roland)

Also, witht the recent success of Penguin Soldier.

Notice all these cards are cards that can bounce monsters off the field, into the hand.

So actually Graveekeepers do have a card like that, theme specific and all.

Gravekeeper's Guard.
Flip: Return one monster on opponent's field to its owner's hand.

yeahh thats right.

Thats all for today.


Heavy shit eater said...

it is not searchable. it has 1900 def.


Valafar123 said...

D.D. Warrior Lady or Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 "Sazank" do the trick nicely.

Side out Royal Tribute ;)


Liam said...

what was the decklist for the worm chaos deck
can u link me plz?

mike said...

@ HSE- yeah. thx :)

@ Valafar- I dont know how GKs work, so i wont know if they side out Royal Tribute or not in 2nd or 3rd games. i heard it wins games so i wont do that at all actually o.o

Yeah. Guard could too so they all add up well. Guard has nice defence.

@ Liam- Go to www.inamedeathaspect.blogspot.com

Valafar123 said...

@mike: Royal Tribute is normally a very powerful weapon. However, Sams normally run around 12 monsters in the TCG, so Royal Tribute is totally useless most of the time. I know from experience.

Guard could be good. Kinetic Soldier is a good choice too, it deals with LIGHT/Hero decks too.


mike said...

@ Valafar- oh yea i totally forgot about that lol.