Monday, February 15, 2010

Its Chinese New Year, seasons greetings, gong hei fatt choy

Happy CNY to all Chinese readers! I hope you all gather alot of ang pow, I've gathered 1800 bucks on ang pow already, but that doesnt mean I'm spending and wasting it on YuGiOh ;) I hope you guys eat keropok till you fat fat, and gamble till xong. I feel sorry for Baha and his gang who love playing the drinking game whereby a person drinks vodka for a certain amount of life lost! After experiencing 20% alcohol in a few cups, woah not fun. I'm still sober, but my face turned red and I had a horrible headache. I'm never gonna try alcohol again.

Like all you duelists out there, I'm eagerly anticipating the ban list. Although the one released on YugiNewz seems quite good and balanced (in my opinion), I have 2 reasons whereby it appeared ridiculous to me. First is, Infenity Necromancer.

Notice how Konami usually does not limit a certain awesome card until both formats (OCG and TCG) have gotten their chances to abuse it. Notice for example, Charge of the Light Brigade (Reinforcements of Light), no matter how broken it was, until it was scheduled to be released in the extra pack 2 it didn't get touched (although everyone knows death to lightlords in the next banlist. Several more cases have emerged too, whereby I cannot remember and I will not take time to do so =.=,

You may argue that Dandylion and Gorz was limited long before the TCG has had their chance. This is because, at that time, Konami (most likely) have not planned the Shueisha TCG debut yet and it was because they were too powerful. 3 Gorz in the Perfect Circle emperor or the Destiny Raida format was just too powerful. The same goes for Dandylion, whereby a turn 1 Foolish Burial usually meant a Monarch the next round because it gave 2 tokens (one to block opponent's attack-assuming he has only one monster by normal summon, and the other to tribute) If Dandylion existed in the hand, it could be set and the tokens could be used as tokens. Raigeki break and PWWB was used widely too so the cost of discarding one card was obliterated and replaced with 2 free tokens.

Brionac may have been limited in the TCG because zombies was a very strong pick for the top 3 decks and will occupy, on par, if not more, than the spaces of Lightlord decks, and the D zombie deck is very fast. Zombies are a very good deck as it gains advantage from the cards destroyed/ lost (goblin, mezuki and such) and have fast synchro options. Combined with the speed of the Dheroes, Destiny Hero Malicious provided instant quick synchro options to Stardust or more level 8 Collosal Warriors. Variety of Synchros were rather limited in the TCG as they did not have the Natural series, Frembell cards, Ally, Genex monsters or the Starlight Road card (which is gonna change come March)

The speed of Allure of Darkness, Goblin Zombie, Pyramid Turtle, and Destiny Draw was unparalleled (not counnting Lightlord of course) and they almost matched the TeleDAD deck (if not better since TeleDAD runs out of fuel VERY FAST and zombies are the exact opposite). Also not to forget cool combos such as a random Future Fusion teched will send Mezuki and a chosen D-Hero monster to the graveyard to form Elemental Hero Gaia. DUD (Destiny Undead Diva) was a strong pick too because it can provide faster syncrho options and the possibility of seeing a random E-Hero Absolute Zero is very very annoying and random. Wouldn't you emo if you faced Brionac, Absolute Zero and Stardust? I know I would.

Now the second issue that makes me disagree that that is the real banlist is the banning of Brionac Dragon of the Ice Boundary. Zombies are possibly going to take a hit with the limitation of Mezuki and Goblin zombie (based on "thebanlist" given), it renders the deck UNPLAYABLE (except for Light Undead). You could argue that Brionac is compatible in other decks, but is it that crazy till its on par with YataGarasu or Chaos Soldier or even Chaos Dragon? NO. How many people would summon Brionac over Goyo if he did not have a card that he wanted to get rid of. Its certainly not as powerful as Dark Dive Bomber, and its not GAME CHANGING till "WOAH FUCK i got pecked by Yata or I died to DDB screw him (which I hear too much last time).

Do note that these are just my opinions as I follow a particular peculiar (yet sensible) pattern. I don't think Skill Drain is gonna limit as Konami never limits anti-meta cards =) Guardian Eatos is also not gonna be limited due to SuperFusion and random GreatTornados in the side deck. Also why not limit Barbaros? Whose bigger? Eatos will die if there is even one monster. True story, some people cant read Eng as Baha bolded "speculation" twice and people still ask him if its real. Sigh.

For next format's top decks, I'm willing to bet that D.D Eatos is still around. The Dimension SkillDrain King Eatos idea is gonna be incorporated into several anti meta decks (such as my main deck) and is gonna be tier 1.

Heroes are also a VERY strong pick as they are just too strong and fun, plus with E-Hero Neos Knight and new fusion support, what can I say. M/V Hero!

Glads are always going to be a strong pick every start of the format, and as the format progresses, it becomes too slow and nobody plays it despite being the most consistent deck ever. It takes skill to play Glads and anyone thinking that new magic card from Shning Darkness is gonna rule? I disagree wholly as Bestiari out into Gyzarus will destroy it. If SkillDrain is u, different story lah.

Infernity? The new deck to hate. 3 Trishula and 3 IDemon will eat your ang pau money.

I advise people to buy their copies of Airman, a few copies of Alius (for backup), a few copies of the Shining, Absolute Zero, Great Tornado, and Super Fusion. Heroes are going to be so splashable anywhere that even I'll be amazed. Don't forget can use DHero.

I'm very glad that Singapore and Malaysian meta/ideas are being widely considered/admired/looked at around the YuGiOh world due to forums and BLOGS =).

There isn't much point building new decks or even posting about Undead Synchro as I just wait patiently for the banlist to descend...

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