Thursday, February 25, 2010

Part 1:
Tech: Royal Impregnable Fortress.

I just finished my assessment and omfgwtfbbq was it hard, with Chem being the worst, I think Im gonna fail, and Bio and Physics, just being borderline or a narrow pass. Still Add Maths was easy like hell and my predictions are

Chem- Fail. Who knows, if Im unlucky- single digit mark, BUT my school standard is extremely high and hard and my teacher writes her own array of questions and brands them. Anyways she's still hot and young.

Physics- Narrow pass. 2nd hardest, IMO.

Bio- Errr Okay, probably B or abit lower like high C.

Add Maths (combined with Singapore syllabus enrichment. Some of you may still have your Shinglee, big, thick and extremely expensive book)- Marks ranging from 80-->100

I'm pooped. So, back to YuGiOh.

The topic today is : Royal Iron Wall (Royal Impregnable Fortress)

Go find your own picture, I'm lazy. And its the trap from the Undead Structure. It stops cards from being removed from play.

So, whats its concern here today?

As you know, Infernities are extremely versatile and one DD crow or Crack from the Other Dimension will kill them. This is a great side deck option.

You may be still vulnerable to stuff like Compulsory Evacuation Device but then, no deck is perfect, right? Builds might run some Threatening Roars or stall cards. Trap Stun can also shut down Crack from the Other Dimension. An example of a good build would be this one. It contains speed, synergy, and while most Infernities run out of steam, this one has more options in late game.

I shall add Gadgets into the group of Tier 1 meta decks. Smashing Ground format is too pro. True story.

Part 2: Deck: Evil Eatos
Thinking of a fun deck that can beatdown and have control at the same time? Sezuar suggests Death Caliber Knight + Sandman + Guardian + Evil Calling.

And for now, the decklist:

Evil Eatos (41)

Monsters- 14
3 Guardian Eatos
3 Death Caliber Knight
3 Core Chimail Sandman
3 Core Chimail Guardian
2 D.D Survivor

3 Dimension Fissure
3 Smashing Ground
2 Book of Moon
2 Evil Calling
1 Mystical Typhoon
1 My Body As A Shield! (Most epic card name ever)

Traps- 14
2 Claymore Dud
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
3 Dark Bribe
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Trap Hole
1 Starlight Road
1 Macro Cosmos
3 Dimension Prison

Extra Deck
1 Stardust Dragon
2 Evil Hero Dark Gaia.

Best tech Card:

As we can see, the number of monster removal cards are EXTREMELY HIGH in here (19 cards in total NOT including Book of Moon). Trust me, nothing beats monster removal. Its so damn annoying to match up against your opponent who just destroys every single of your cards. Simplification is just too powerful. Somemore, this format is calling all of us to play Beatdown and Control decks.

I ran only one Starlight Road because Core Sandman can negate certain traps that destroy your spells and traps. This means BYE to Dust Tornado, and Royal Decree. The only thing that will work is Twister. Whee. That lets you use Dark Bribe however you wish without fearing Dust Tornado. Some people still side Dust instead of Twister because of its wider range of target, ability to set a spell/trap/ and dont need to pay 500 lp. Too bad, they're not gonna be successful with the Sandman.

We use the Core Chimails and the Death Calibur Knight to control, negate, simplify, beatdown and most importantly: make your opponent EMO. Surely you know, unstable emotions greatly affect gameplay. This is a pretty harsh deck to bring to the tourney scene.

While the original (Good)Eatos deck runs Gemini Spark, this deck has a hell lot more amount of control and that makes it better in a way. In the old deck, they had options to Miracle Fusion to clear the grave for Great Tornado, The Shining, but this deck has options like Dark Calling for Evil Hero Dark Gaia to own for pawnage. Evil Calling is pure advantage as its like Miracle Fusion and you can remove the monsters in the grave so you can special summon Eatos. Everybody wins. Happy.

Also, this deck runs Claymore Dud which I personally like very much. Its a "destroy any one monster on the field" as you can just target Survivor, Sandman, or DCK or Guardian. After negating a trap form Sandman, Claymore Dud destroys one face up monster on your opponent's field. Pain ah. Seriously man.

The thing that makes Evil Eatos inferior to the original Eatos is Skill Drain and Barbaros. We don't run Drain because Evil Gaia wont be so cool with 0 attack anymore. Then we dont have a big 3000 cheater to play. Anyway, we dont need 3000 beaters as the field will be clear almost all the time anyway.

Okay thats all for today. Happy netdecking and thanks for reading as usual.

6 more days: Enter the Smashing Ground format!


Duelist#LGQ said...

my chemistry lowest get before 7 marks in form 4. Try beat this la! Apparently I have no problem with Physics, but Bio I got once pass only and that is finals (during form 4 la)

mike said...

Waisei. My chem no time to do the essay tat i put "No time :)" I think my teacher will emo after tat.

eh my teacher one 10x as hard as SPM ok. My schl standard is so high tat even FORM 3 SCIENCE CANT GET A. Beat tat. FORM 3 PMR worr!!! Fuck private schools,

I think i single digit in chem too. Physics shld be ok. I have lousy teacher, so self study lah, ok.

Ur add maths leh?

Duelist#LGQ said...

eh, my chem fail in normal test, I got A1 in SPM leh. Science in form 3 1 got <50, PMR A.

My school standard used to be one of the best in all chinese school one, but now after the new principle come...

Add Maths is easy. Only subject I get 3 times 100. Maths I only got get before twice.

But chem I only passin Trial and SPM

D-Slayer said...

whilst my own Uni results werent as bad - though i was suprised that i actually managed to just a bout pass Business Economics Organizations where only 32% of my fellow students passed it - lol - as the pass rate was 40% for first years the for second years it goes up to 65%... lolol

anyway - same as wehn Fissure was unlimited to 3 - it didnt really see that much play except in certain decks - many people now will only be using 2 or 3 as said - however some might not end up using any at all - and could be side deck material instead -

Decks hardly use 3 Smashing Ground. Gladial Beasts use usually 2 just like most Black Feathers tend to use just 2 Icarus Attack.

And it doesn't help that some of that removal are Special Summoned monsters. They really do not require THAT much focus and the opponent will usually be wasting quite a bit of removal since, in anti-Special Summon anyway, you will tend to have another card at the ready anyway.

as for the card itself - Widespread Dud - my views of this card arre reflected here

anyway interesting deck and good post


Anonymous said...

azckysyml Crush The Castle