Sunday, February 21, 2010


When I was just a young boy, I followed the YuGiOh graphic novel released by Shonen Jump. In the Death T game set up by Kaiba-san to challenge Yuugi, Yugi was put into a very tight spot where Kaiba (obviously cheated) and managed to draw out 3 copies of the legendary Blue Eyes White Dragon to beat him to death. As the last sword of the Swords Of Revealing Light started to fade, Yuugi put his trust into his next card and picked up the legendary Exodia head where he combined it with his in hand forbidden pieces to cause a humiliating defeat towards Kaiba.

Since the bane of Kaiba, due to Exodia, you could say I have been quite fascinated by Exodia for a very long time. Until I gained knowledge on the competitive side of YuGiOh and the meta, you would see a very happy child playing with the 5 pieces of Exodia (yes I know it was expensive but I bought the set that looked like a briefcase- OCG of course)

Ahhh....Those were the good old days.

I picked up playing Exodia again during the EMOBC Cyber Vary format where you could perform infinite draw in your deck in turn 1 due to the combo of Magician of Black Chaos+ Spell Economics+ Dimension Fusion+ Cyber Vary. Exodia was once again playable and it was super awesome when I killed people with that (i think it was 2 or 3 years ago). It was not fun too when you play against Cosmos deck and they set one Macro Cosmos and killed you.

Wouldn't it be fun to summon these 5 cards again?

Today we look at a competitive deck that involves Exodia (which is quite dependent of luck too) People with bad luck (you know who you are! >=D ) should avoid playing decks like this.

The concept was not developed by myself, but was found in a friend's blog, while browsing around the World Wide Web yesterday and I decided to share it with you guys hoping that it might interest you too.

The deck is a second turn kill deck (STK) and is very potent and cool as it relies on Veils of Darkness and Heart of the Underdog to draw Exodia infinitely.

So for the decklist, (which i editted to my liking as the original decklist did not run Battle Fader, Vary, or Allure. Also I tweaked the dark monster lineup to suit my taste of monsters) =D

Monsters- 30
1 Exodia the Forbidden One
1 Right Hand of the Forbidden One
1 Left Hand of the Forbidden One
1 Right Leg of the Forbidden One
1 Left Leg of the Forbidden One
3 Battle Fader
1 Cyber Vary
3 Summon Demon
3 D Napoleon (Meda Bat)
3 Archfiend Soldier
3 Swords Stalker
3 La Jinn the Genie of the Lamp
3 Curse of Dragon
3 Dark Magician

Spells- 10
3 Hand Destruction
3 Veils of Darkness
3 Heart of the Underdog
1 Allure of Darkness

As you can see, you just dump and dump your hand and discard for Veils of Darkness and draw a new card. You can activate Hand Destruction in your draw phase as its a quick spell and still draw.

Do note that you cant activate both Heart of the Underdog and Veils at the same time as the effects clash. So choose the right one.

Now for tech choices:

Batlle Fader- He's dark and it works with Allure, Veils and so on. If you cant survive your opponent's OTK just throw out a Battle Fader.

Cyber Vary - IN RARE CASES you may discard a Exodia piece out of desperation. He's here to retrieve it back. He can be used to stall too.

Thats about it, happy netdecking, happy dueling, and I wont be updating the entire week due to EXTREMELY BUSY schedule

Monday and Tuesday- Studying for assessment
Wednesday and Thursday- Assesment test
Friday- Moral Project
Saturday- Interschool Debate

Good day to you guys.


White and Black Yu-Gi-Oh! said...

Other option

5 x Exodia
1 x Stratos
3 x Thunder Dragon
3 x DH Plasma
3 x DH Dogma
3 x DH Dreadmaster
1 x TRI-HORN DRAGON or other dark lv 8
3 x Cyber Valley

2 x Allure of Darkness
3 x Trade In
3 x Destiny Draw
2 x Hand Destruction
1 x Machine Duplication

3 x reckless greed
1 x Mirror Force or Torrential

D-Slayer said...

ewww - traps make exodia deck slow - if Dark World Dealings + 3rd Hand Destruction > 3 Reckless + Mirror though MSE + POA wouldnt be too bad here either