Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hero Love

With everyone buying their Shining Darkness boxes, which is useless for me, I'm hunting copies of Miracle Fusion! If anyone in MALAYSIA got any and wish to trade/sell, please contact me. Anywhere from tagbox to email/msn which i never use T.T or my cell phone number.

With the rise of the new banlist D.D Eatos has lost a Skill Drain which made me think twice about running it this format. While mine does not incorporate the usual Hero engine, I suddenly felt a strong love for Elemental Heroes. Yes.
Why Heroes?
Heroes are at the top of the consistency scale and have good efficeint beatsticks, good bombastic explosive plays, and good searchers/ recyclers. Also, Heroes have a good form of monster removal in the form of Gemini Spark and Hero blast.

From builds such as Bahamut hero Beat to Chain Material Gate OTK heroes, I've decided to try different variants of Heroes and playtested them about 50 times per deck today. While Baha's deck is by far the most consistent, I found Chain Material Gate OTK to make really explosive plays (if not stopped by Mystical Space Typhoon!). While both decks had their pros and cons, I decided to mish mash the 2 decks together to form a new one which I took a great liking to, and because it had consistency, explosive plays all in one.

Once again, why Heroes?

The retrieval effect of the Shining is too powerful to cast aside, and the sheer destructive power of the Absolute Zero makes Heroes a deck worth playing. Not to forget weird random comboes that can suddenly happen in the deck due to synergy while you're playing them.

While Blackwings are at the top of the meta, in my opinion, they did not change much as the usual strategy is still the same except Black Feather Treasure replaces the lost whirlwind and allure. Next, they got a new Breeze which is good, but its duty is just like usual, and doesn;t do much special things: which is to synchro. Sure it introduces more options as it widens the variety of synchros you may play, but its still pretty much the same old BlackWings.

GB is no different as its playing style has not changed much. Its sheer power lies in its spells and traps that provide excellent control over the field.

DD Eatos might be abit of a problem, but then just side in some spells or traps in the second and third games, plus, add monster removal, and what do they get? Nothing! They have nothing to side against Heroes as this decktype has not many cards top counter it. Monster removal totally destroys the deck as the monster supply is so limited.

Infernity is different story as I have never played against it. By destroying random cards that are needed to set up the field in the form of Hero Blast, card simplifiers, or Gemini Spark, we pretty much have broken the combo or Infernities.

Now let me summarise how Heroes can take on the 3 top meta decks.

BF- Its still pretty much the same. I've seen LGQ beat BF with Heroes THIS EASILY and although its wide variety of synchros have expanded and now lvl 8 can be summoned more easily due to Breeze, simple one for one cards can make BF players emo by destroying their hard-to-make-with-much-effort syncrhos with just one card. Stardust? Do you think Absolute Zero or Shining is scared?

GB- Its pretty much the same old GB. While GB aims to control the Hero player's field field while setting up, the hero player does the same. Basically whoever does it better win. And we finish the coup de grace with a big Shining or Absolute Zero. The opponent will think twice to use cards to destroy Shining, as you will just get 2 Heroes back, to be converted to more advantage. Now one question: how do you maintain a standard efficient re-usable Polymerization. Read on, and see.

Here's the decklist:

Hero Love! (41)


3 Elemental Hero Another Neos
1 Elemental Hero Airman
1 Crystal Seer
2 Yomi Ship
3 Thunderking Rai-Oh
2 Honest
1 Morphing Jar
1 Sangan
1 Gorz, the Emissiary of Darkness

1 Reinforcement of the Army
1 E- Emergency Call
1 Brain Control
1 Heavy Storm
1 Cyclone
3 Gemini Spark
3 Miracle Fusion
2 Fusion Gate
1 Parallel World Fusion

2 Skill Drain
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Starlight Road
2 Hero Blast
2 Dimension Prison
1 Cry of the Living Dead

Extra Deck

1 Stardust Dragon
3 Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
3 Elemental Hero The Shining
1 Elemental Hero Great Tornado

DO NOT INSERT 7 generic synchros. Old School deck love!

The playstyle of this deck is slow at the first few turns because it sets up its field and aims to simplify the game to beat your opponent by generating one-for-one advantage. Truth to be told, I love the amount of advantage generated by the Hero cards and, like Baha said, I feel like I'm playing YuGiOh again! And by advantage, I mean advantage, lots of it. Do not be surprised if you open Bottomless Trap Hole after Dimension Prison after Hero Blast each consecutive turn just to find out that your opponent has lost every monster he/she has commited to the field in the first few turns, therefore giving you time to set up combos/ big plays.

Fusion Gate is a true gem, and I first noticed it when playing against SungLee Heroes in KL, I was amazed by its speed, its amount of advantage generated (as usual) and the ease of bringing out Shining and Zero like nothing. Fusion Gate outweighs its cons and lets you fuse from the hand and removes the card from play therefore letting you constantly re-use the Shining. If played properly, the number of Shinings can be constantly regulated so that each time you have copies of Shining in the extra deck, or on the field, with fusion materials in your hand.

I decided to incorporate Rauzes' tech of Skill Drain from his DrainZero main deck and what can I say, it works! 2 Skill Drains are like the perfect number and can easily help you to kepp control of your opponent's monster effects while you continue to beat down.

Starlight Road is an staple, that is unpredictable and I love it in here. Also, if I bought it and didn't use it, waste of money, right?

Just like Skill Drain, I thought of using Blizzed, Guard of the Ice barrier, but decided that the deck needed more monster control (so I ran Yomi Ship and he works awesome) in the first few turns of setting up the field, rather than more draw options. But, I did run a copy of Seer because I dont have any Blizzed =( and Seer lets me see 2 cards instead of one, so why not?

EDIT: Removed 2 barbaros to add Gorz and Sangan.

I also thought of running Future Fusion but couldn't find mine. Its very good and automatically dumps 2 monsters for Miracle Fusion. Elemental Hero Gaia is also good, but then do you know how expensive it is in the OCG? Or how rare it is to find one?

Thats all for today. For more Airman love, click here.

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