Friday, February 12, 2010

Tech for Infernities!

Wanna know a card that can single-handedly help to clear your entire hand while providing advantage at the same time?

You guys must have forgotten Snipe Hunter. Dark, fiend, 1500 attack, this card is great and just perfect in the Infernity deck. Searchable by Sangan, Killer Tomato, and being a fiend is just right in Infernity. Why is it so good? You can use its effect as many times per turn and you have a 4/6 chance to destroy one card on the field. Beat that. Once cleared your opponent's field, the Infernities will swarm and eat your opponent's life points.

Time for Prophet Session!

The banlist should be out sometime next week, around Monday or Tuesday so I'm just in time to make a prophet session! Sites like Pojo and Yuginewz have posted a leaked banlist whereby Brionac was banned and stuff. Personally, I think that was a very good, consistent and stable ban list and I would love to see it take place.

Now for my 2cents.


1) There is no one. I think everything is fairly consistent in its own way. Nothing craz like DDB to ban but definitely some changes to the limited and semi limited list =) I think Brionac and Dark Armed should stay as Brionac is essential for Zombies. Without it, they are a lost deck. Dark Arm at 1 is still just right =)

1) Judgment Dragon
2) Charge of the Light Brigade

Death to Lightlords (quote Baha)

3) Tsukuyomi- Flipflop control.
4) Magician of Faith- Book of Moon abuse! Time to bring back the old flip flop control :D

5) Burial from the Different Dimension- Too expensive to even find one =.= Too powerful somemore. Returning 3 removed from game cards?? If all 3 of them have crazy sick effects or are potent for a certain combo, its like getting 3 effects for the price of one. Undead madness.

6) Allure of Darkness- Draw cards like him deserve to be at one. Maybe this is to sell Black Feather Treasure? Hmm?

7) Crush Card Virus- Originally banned because it was too gay. Alot of decks miss CCV and with undead taking a hit, I say let them use CCV. It could be the only card to destroy D.D eatos efficiently in one single blow. Oh wait I have Starlight Road :P

8) Mezuki- Two is abit crazy. Back to square one.

9) Ring of Destruction (secret wish)- i want play my english secret rare version!

Semi Limited

1) Black Whirlwind- While most players think this belongs at one, i say they are just biased to BF decks. Im not a big fan of the deck too but then to be rational, it will hurt BF too much at one. They may be getting BF treasure but what is it compared to Allure or the other single copy of Whirlwind lost? Limiting it will destroy the playability of BF decks as Whirlwind is the heart of the deck. Konami has to protect their BF players and the sake of their next set which focuses on BFs.

2) GB War Chariot- Because 3 is too gay and nobody plays more than 2 anyway.

3) Bestiari- I seemingly agree with this and I've played GB with 1 bird only and it dies and gets removed from play too easily. If it dies, you can almost say the playability of the deck is dead. Sure there is Heraklinos and if you have great luck and skill, you can still pull it off, but what are the odds of that?

4) Honest- He has been waiting to be semi limited anyway =) I think 2 is a good balanced number and will open up options for new tech in Light based deck. Sorry to Baha's hero beats though.

5) Snipe Stalker- Infernity fun!!! Its like monster version of the IGun.


1) Secret wish * Solemn judgment! I want!!!!! Actually 2 is okay for the DD Eatos deck anyway as there is already 2 Starlight Road.

2) Mind Master, Magical Stone Excatave, Ultimate Offering, Mind Crush- nobody plays them anyway.

3) Golden Sarcophagus- LS players need as many chances to get their 1 copy of JD only to see it blown away. Oh wait, LS players still exist??!!

Personally people have talked about Sorceror's debut back at 3. IMO, its not bad and I would like to see his effect on the meta. Although Im not much of a big fan of him. Stuf like card gunner, Gravity bind, no one care bout them....

Baha is a great influence in the YGO OCG world! Even his decks are now in the japanese meta. Black Knight Dark started out originally as a fun deck for him, but is now winning Japan metas everywhere. Stealing opponent's monsters is too pro, and is the next best thing to destroying them! Tragoedia, Kurokishan is the monster stealers. Raiku and Spy is to stall for fun! Dark Creator is one of the most powerful win conditions IMO. Trago is also very pro as the deck runs alot of monsters. This means that the deck can steal probably EVERY other monster except lvl 10 or above with just any random hand.

Meanwhile Infernity Reflector activates when Infernity Archfiend dies! Search Gun to hand and do the evil loop! <3 Synchro ejection is quite good too, but then I still prefer Plot of the Piano Tuner. Junk Destroyer is also very good as its , at least, a one for one, but with Junk Destroyer decks people can destroy up to 4 or 5 cards a turn and still draw from the deck! (Usage of Tuningware) Im looking forward to see these rogue fun decks.


D-Slayer said...

lol Infernities sure are evil

Though why limit War Chariot? 2 isn't going to change a thing as they will just get recycled over and over through Equeste and searched through Samnite.

Also say if they do Limit / Semi Limit War Chariot and Bring back to 2 Gravity Bind - to me Gravity Bind comes just screams "Screw you Gladiators" but Bestiari screams "Screw you non-chainable cards" right back if Bestiari comes back. While I would welcome a second Bestiari for my own, I would hate the amount of mirror matches and ungodly amounts of side decking I would have to deal with...

Rest is meh - thoug Chaos Sorc at 3 is a likely possibility.

mike said...

yup ^^ but I think the new card from Shining Darkness is useless if Bestuiari is back at two, since gyazrus will just come back to blow it up.

Happy cny to u man.

True, ok
EDIT: limit GB chariot. although 2 maybe still ok considering DDcrow n macro cosmos removing it from play.