Thursday, October 8, 2009

WTF is a Black Feather Dragon.

All I want to say is: WTF is a Black Feather Dragon. Bird+Dragon? Huh? Dragunity? How on Earth does Crow suddenly come up with a dragon, simply for becoming one of the 5 signers.

Weird plot.concept. definitely prefer GX and original Yu-Gi-Oh compared to 5DS.

Gold series 2: Hope we get awesome things. >.< Hope they dont reprint Pyramid of Light, similar to Watapon -.-

Two more days of exams left. So far so good, cant wait to be back into the dueling scene.

Lately, I got down to reading the coverage on Shonen jump Orlando, and did not like what I saw there, Neither do you guys, i reckon.

Takamichi, I wanna see your sister! And Ken, please no calling of names please.

Since, Marvin from the Perplexed Duelist brought up a topic about Gladial beast Respite. I shall explain:

1) In OCG we much rather run DDGB which has a small monster count.

2) Its dead if you do not have 2 GBs in your hand, therefore making it situational.

3) GB doesnt rely on draw engine. If i draw Retiari, Secutor, or Murmillo, then how? By the time you wait for Equeste to retrive Respite, you might lose control of the game so its risky.

4) Standard TCG style GB can make use of it =) But if i were them, i just rather run less GBs. Alex Vansant's deck is WTFBBQ weird. Dimension Fissure at 2 in standard GB??? It could not get worse than that. No offence.

Spirit Burner is good. TCG players heed this! If you dont know why, click here. Let Baha enlighten you, just scroll down its the post below the one on the poor hanewata that looks like Cartman. Reason number 5 is the best reason why you want to run it!

I want a new haircut that looks like Denny Huang's!


Bahamut84 said...

You can link directly to the post!

Takamachi said...

i'm takamachi,not takamichi!!
ta-ka-ma-chi!!! if really wanna see then go my blogg let me know

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