Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Okay, its about a month away and I cant make it. Darn! I saved enough money but my mum said I'm too young. F*ck that! Okay, I am a lil young but I can manage, thank you.

Although i wont be going, I definitely will make a series of posts to prepare you all for the tourney. This first one will be on decks to expect, decks to run, and what you ought to run this format. In short, BIG 5.

Second one will depict on main deck and side deck choices for a few selected decks, why you should be running them, and how you should play them.

Thirdly, will be a list or reminders of what to do, what not to do, and answering your questions of who why what when and how.

So, to elaborate on Guan Quan's post, the first of the big 5 will be undoubtly...

1) Lightsworn
With LS being the most powerful, most game breaking and certainly most scary to play against (u never can predict them damn honests! they are more annoying than JDs!). Furthermore, LS has access to the recent versatile Charge of the Light Brigade, a new Ehren, the untouchable Aurkus and certainly the new Spirit Burner from ANPR (I trust you people know its superawesomenessss from Baha's blog). Although LS is the most powerful, LS has NEVER won a tourney in Malaysia despite taking 3rd place in last year's Christmas tourney. LS is also the most inconsistent and when you draw crap, you feel crappy as well. Then its hard to sculpt the most perfect LS build with no flaws. Then you have your excuse: Oh well, its Lightsworn. When you match against dimension fissure, you will feel even more crappy and its possible that you could not draw the spell/trap removals in your deck, you milled it away, or your opponent flips up another Macro Cosmos and you groan and scoop up your cards. Holy Light is bullshit against it. No one in the right mind will run that.

2) Cemetery Vayuu/ Blackwings
While this deck is probably the most explosive and most fun (its better than LS!), this deck is also the most expensive. One copy of Arms wing is double the price of a Armor Master and the Silverwind the Lonely is 80rm. can u belive that! Fuck! Despite its price, its versatility makes up for eveything. And it also can fit in Charge rather nicely, its no doubt that this deck will prevail as one of the best. Sorry t0 break your bubble folks but i dont think this deck will be in the top8. Why? Because nobody has the money to buy all the damn cards. 3 Vayuus, 3 Arms wing and 3 Burials will cost you not your arm and your leg but your head, and heart as well, THAT IS if you can find anyone who is willing to trade/sell them. There might be one or two people who runs the COMPLETE version but its not confirmed that they will have excellent luck, and easy matchups so oh well.

Now we talk about BWs itself. This one will definitely see more play. Its cheaper and anyone who can innovate will bring this deck far. LGQ has posted his Dawn Control and IT IS VERY GOOD as it is a modified and better version of Rodrigo's Bws. Since his blog is widely read, expect to see people netdeck it and run Royal Oppression in there, think about it: Fast, big deck+ ability to negate special summons! Now tell me its not a winning formula.

3)Junk and Debris (ps: its pronounced De-bree, not Bris-the 'S' is silent)
This deck is fun, its effective, its cheap, why wont we be seeing it? Rauzes revolutionized Archipelago by introducing this original build of a GEM to us. The draw speed is crazy if you can pull off convert contact and throw out Chaos Sorceror. Although it wont match LS, or Vayuu, its bound to see lots of play and its not to be looked down on. A skillful player will bring this deck to the top8 (possibly? I predict so), Long Live the Spacians!

4) Zombies
Fast, efficient and although we cant use Mezuki, trust me it will still be widely played. Malaysian duelists are so predictable. Cheap deck that can run synchro plus easy to make? They will run it. Zombies without Mezuki and maybe they will play Light Undead? Honest is so easy to obtain (its 10 bucks for a common only). It can run royal oppresion and skill draon, but then Malaysian duelists are more predictable. Anything slow that doesnt synchro they wont run it.

5) Gladial beats
Last but not least, my favourite among the five. GB is probably the least consistent but the one of the most annoying matchups. Not to forget, DDGB is going to rock its way through with Dimension Fissure. Throw in Doomcaliburs, kycoos and it will be too good. Trust me its so fun to simplify the game and do one for ones but its so hectic and brain-racking to matchup against it. Dark Bribe can never replace Solemn Judgment.

I will elaborate more on the next post.
And a lot lot more on the next =)


Duelist#LGQ said...

first of all, you spelled my name wrong. and second, I prefer not to type my name to public, just type LGQ

Duelist#LGQ said...

1 problem lies, people from KL tends to throw big bucks into cards. and who is Rodrigo? some famous guy? the Dawn control decks are modified from pojo user/felow malaysia/whoever he is/ vvind's Oppression BF, credits to the guy

kentho said...

lol , LGQ don be so 'gek tong' just becoz he spelled ur name wrongly XD and yea , i saw some on us penangites tend to throw money into making this deck as well(vayu) so KL-sians are much richer so they might have built a lot of this

Duelist#LGQ said...

not really, they have the cards but I doubt they'll play BF, they will most probably play LS

A Perplexed Duelist said...

Based on my experience, J&D heavily lose to GBs with mained Retiaris and is easily sided against with D.D. Crow. Some might still run it though.

Burial from a different Dimension + Zombies = prawnage.

Bahamut84 said...

"Because nobody has the money to buy all the damn cards."

You will be surprised how desperate people are to win. If they can sell their organ, they probably will.

mike said...

Reply to LGQ: ooo sorry. =P Rodrigo Togores is Spain national champ and he won the latest Shonen Jump with Oppresion BF: similar to the deck you are running now. Last time I went to KL, i dint see many ppl throwing big bucks into cards d.

@ marvin: Yeah but then people in KL are just so sceptical so they will still play JnD =) Easy to synchro plus cheap=favourite.

@baha: I have yet to be surprised =) Oh wait I have! Alex Yeo and Sam!!! Alex's album X_X

[HD]Lam said...

What is winning without glory and what is glory without winning? Is winning really that important?? and I am just being ignorant XD

mike said...

I guess it is. Its fun to win. But then, i guess people join tourney to win.