Friday, October 30, 2009

Just got back

....and after arriving in Kuching at 5, i napped till seven and then went to play badminton. Still not feeling tired. Did most of my sleeping in the bus =P Besides, that Carls Jr. famous star the night before must have gave me that energy. I also couldnt stand not exercising for so long and eating so much. Beixong ah.

Anyways, in KL, I didnt do much Yu-Gi-Oh. I met up with Khye and LGQ for about 5 to 10 mins. I only glanced through LGQ's collection and picked up some cards from Khye. Skill drains, Barbaros, Chalice, Kycoos, and a super rare solemn that I keep wanting to find for so long. After that I went shopping XD I realised how well conditioned and nice the decks of you guys are. The cards are still straight, hard and supple. Are you guys too gentle or am I just too rough? :O

Then go Kinokuniya. Bought english vers of GX book 1 and book 2 manga. I opened it hoping to get a Raiou in TCG version so that I can have eng, korean(gettin frm khye soon...most likely.), and a TCG version. sad to say when I opened it got no card!!! WTF BBQ I got like F***ing scammed T_T Next time I shall open the books first and check. Wasted money. yerr. Bullshitsssssssss!

Overall, my trip to KL with my friends was quite fun la. Sunway Lagoon was the best! Adrenne and Zhi Li make excellent companions on those rides. Even though I dont know how to swim I still go on all the darn rides. So fun. Hallelujah. Extreme park and Scream Park is scamming trick too need pay so much to enter -.- wanted to write the pirates revenge ship thingy but then the girls so scared =.= Then all the guys already ride liaw. Haizz i think it was damn mean and sexist of the teachers to separate the guys from the girls. Cant even ride on same bus. Cant even go to their rooms! Haiyooooo! Backwards thinking.

Visited IMU too. Might consider going there for a future medicine course. Hmm not bad le.

I also wanna apologize to Khye and LGQ for such a short visit. I also wanted to stay to duel but then I come KL to shop first lei. Dont worry December trip is all about dueling =) I can even go everyday if you guys want to. Which is what I'll probably do. Then can duel till xong.

Now to catch up on some blog reading that I have missed.
Oh and one more thing: Happy Halloween! Farewell party themed Halloween soon and I wanna dress like Brandon Urie from Panic at the Disco in "I write sins not tragedies". Ypu gotta love their new song "New Perspective" which is also "Jennifer's Body" official sound track. Nice.

Some more thicker eyeliner and it will look just right and evil. Could be vampire too hha.

To Baha: next yr i come Sing. =P

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