Saturday, October 31, 2009

Black Horn of Heaven

Today's card of the day is "black horn of heaven". its effect is mediocre and quite amazing and best of all, its free!
Here's what it reads:
[Negate the special summon of 1 of your opponent's monsters and destroy it]
I came across it while sorting out my card piles. Players all know that Royal Oppresion is one of the most painful, annoying, and evil card in the game as it severes alot of decks. Now decks which can special summon can also toy around with such an effect. Black Horn of Heaven is so good and I think decks such as Dimensional GB, and other decks have found a new toy to play with.
Just to serve as a reminder, it is just like Raiou and Solemn Judgment, and the pure Horn of Heaven- It can only negate inherent special summons. So, cards that are special summoned by Monster reborn, Cry of the Living Dead, Early Burial, Polymerization and such will not be affected. Inherent special summones refer to special summons such as synchros summoning, Judgment Dragon, Dark Armed Dragon, and other special summoning crap etc. Still, that isnt a good reason to why you shouldn't run it. I know I would tech it out. Its better than you think.
Also, my version of Cat synchro next time. (got mix with power cat combo- quite nice! But abit inconsistent just like the old CS)

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