Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why Verz Will Be a Top Contender This Weekend

I think everyone in malaysia is very aware of verz taking top shop singapore.

which leads to an increase in demand of verz and prices of verz in malaysia yugioh FB groups.

and to make it even worse, verz is taking japan by storm.

What makes verz so good in the malaysian meta?

just by playing verz, it totally knocks out hero beat and agents as viable decks, and totally slows down chaos dragons (unless they have ryko)

Verz also has a decent matchup vs windups as windups will have difficulty with ophion. Ophion into lance totally destroys windups options of using compulsory , prison, torrential etc.

This means the only way to kill it is to sit on a zenmaines or make maelstroke tiras, but that is not a guarantee as if your opponent has backrow like warning, torrential, etc, then you will fall back a turn and continue to take damage. And everyone knows windups worst nightmare is a stream of big monsters, which make it slightly hard for them to deal with.

That makes it a 50-50 matchup, as siding could go either way. If verz resolves a DDV, windup can scoop. But if windup resolves a Snowman, without Verz having forbidden dress, then verz dies.

Since windup is the best deck this tourney, i expect the meta to shift more towards singapore's, with decks being divided into mermail/windup, or decks that run DDV.

Although windup is underrepresented in numbers, 1 thing is that just a few good players wielding windup will immediately take it to the top tables. Everyone should be watching out for shahmir or jason because they are popular top windup players.

so some popular questions to be answered:

1) will masked hero make it big?
my verdict is there will be some masked hero decks but i dont expect anybody to be able to wield the deck perfectly.

2) will mask hero top?
errr. every heard of verz?

Anyhow, if 1 doesnt know how to play vs verz, so here is some advice to players out there. Ophion is not invincible. IMO, the deck is very very linear (it is not a 1 trick pony though) as it just makes rank 4s and has forbidden lances, protection, and can suddenly jump DAD for fun :D

however, ophion + lance is not invincible. If you rmbr perfect circle, u rmbr that LADD can be destroyed by 2 traps. EG: activate prison on LADD, ladd negates but u chain compuls. just a simple example.

The same applies for ophion. If you activate prison, then opp responds with lance you can respond with compuls to return it to the deck.

Other simple moves like snowman ryko etc.

So that ends todays post. I predict windup verz mermail or dw in the top 4, but i may be wrong. Windup will still be the best deck for the weekend.

On a side note, congratz to fellow blogger Lauren for making it into United Gosus. And i did not know fellow ex blogger Mystic Tomato was Lukas Prinz. GG


K'yde Ren said...

I doubt they would be the top contender but most likely present.

Bahamut84 said...

play a deck to destroy verz.

Like firefist lolol

鱼缸 said...

How Ophion stop Wind up? wind up call out rank monster~not high level monster~

Shootingstar11 a.k.a. Fishtank

mike said...

No one said it kills windup by its effect. It's big presence is enough to kill windup. If windup don't have any combo pieces and got back row only won't attacking 2.55k a few times be detrimental ?

Next if windup is stalling with rabbit, ophion being big knocks thru ur lp if rabbit banishes itself.

Being a big beat stick that can't be d prison or compuls is bad enough

If your opponent have ophion ,4backrow , I'm sure u won't wanna magician shark straight right ? U surely want stall and farm. That process is the 1 which makes ophion so good because it just knocks thru everything.

Odin Kaiserchronik Kitaras said...

What about Karakuri Sazank. Its effect is same as Snowman eater but it is send the monster to the graveyard instead of destroying.

jumping pass the "dress" threat