Sunday, December 30, 2012

how to deal with verz

sigh must i really post this up.

this goes out to all the ppl who keep asking what do i do vs verz?

anyway its easily dealt with in your side deck.

lets go thru some popular choices and some unorthodox ones

1) snowman eater
obvious generic choice however problem is still forbidden dress. problem is u dont always draw dress ... so ^^

2) forbidden lance
damage step ? opp cant use verz lance, end of story nuff said.

3) holy light
yes ! the 1 card that was used in BF era now returns

4) spirit reaper
stall and draw out.

5) morphing jar 2
what??!! this shit now comes back? why mj2? cos snowman gets nerfed by dress and holylight dies by random stuff like someone siding and summoning max c and killing it.

6) verz azatoth
snowman like effect for ophion which avoids dress

and while we're on that topic:

it seems verz and constealla and tenki are currently reaching tier1/1.5 status.

so that means come march banlist, if konami takes care of WU, and nerfs mermail abit, does that mean yugioh will actually have a decent format? I mean constella and tenki and verz do not have crazy special summon one turn vomit everything combo.

i mean sure ophion or pleaides/omega is strong but its not invincible, since the whole constella deck dies to bottomless.

Konami already saw how problematic WU would be, but they introduced constella, verz and tenki , which have good matchups because they are so big and can just eat WU up if played properly

seeing harpie come into the meta, they are a balanced deck, with good drawbacks, and i have been testing with harpies lately, and they seem balanced (more on harpies some other post)

could yugioh finally have more balanced beat and grind formats ??!!


Alex Kunvatanagarn said...

what card will they ban for mermail? Thanks

Alex Kunvatanagarn said...

what card will Konami ban in Mermail? Thanks!

mike said...

1) does it look like I work In Konami
2) does it look like I'm a prophet