Sunday, December 2, 2012

Decklist for Malaysia Asia Plus Winners

 This decklist was for the National Qualifiers.

Leader is zack teoh with mermails.

 Player B was shahmir with windups.



I didnt get andrews decklist because it looked very similar to the one i topped 4 with hero beat in top store. This is because we playtested alot together, and we made alot of similar choices, and he taught me some stuffs regarding the deck.

I was initially gonna post up something else but then this is way more important.

And FYI these were the sleeves the players got for participating. These sleeves are even rarer than any TCG or OCG sleeves and they look pretty sick. ENVIOUS. (source: irwin arogo)

Just FYI: Taiwan's lineup yesterday was Lightlords, windup and arrive hero, and Malaysias lineup was similar. (source: wesley seek)

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