Thursday, December 13, 2012

Singapore Top Store Post

Here is the long awaited top shop post. 

Take note that there were 32 players. And It was a swiss 5 round cut to top 8 format. 

The meta was basicallly WU or any deck which can kill WU (any deck which runs DDV)

That is why Mermail wasnt a top pick because it cant use DDv consistently,Verz, Chaos Ninja and DW were solid choices to abuse DDV

Deck Breakdown of the tourney was :

6 Wind up
5 hero
3 mermail
3 chaos dragon
2 agent
2 dark world
2 infernity
2 offering gadget
2 rabbit
1 verz
1 fire fist
1 hieratic
1 inzektor
1 laval

PS: didnt know akira posted this up already my bad.

Top 8 consisted of: 
2 windup
2 mermail
2 hero
1 arrive hero
1 verz

Cassandra- hero beat
ryan stark- destiny heroes
samuel cheng- hero beat
johann loke- windup
welsey seek- windup
calvin- verz
yu bixuan -genex sea emperor mermail
ying jun- genex sea emperor mermail

Top 4 was : 
1 windup
1 hero
1 mermail
1 verz

Top 2 was Hero vs verz

This is top 8 Johann's list: 

PS: Dont ask me why heavy slump is there....

This is Wesleys deck:
No extra deck and sideboard as he wanted it to remain anonymous.

For calvin ang's list, pls refer to Road of the king blog.

The videos will take abit more time as everyone knows sarawak internet suxxx balls.

I lost game 1 though but i'll summarize everything here :(

Game 1: Wesley opened Factory and monster hand and just farm and win because Johan didnt have factory.
Wesley opened TGU into zenmaity , played factory, and sp Magician in def mode. The magicians and factory were a soft lock in windup mirror so he could farm advantage if johan did anything in response. quote from wesley: pseudo max c set up.

Game 2: Wesley set a few to his backrow but Johan showed storm magician shark.

Games 1 and 2 was a show of Yugioh as we know it.

Game 3: This was the best game of all. It was a show of how the windup mirror should be played. luckily i still have the video ;)  However it is split into 2 parts because my video stopped recording because i didnt have any memory left in my iphone. The video remained unfinished but it was pretty obvious because welsey won a turn later with shock master and beatdown. Kudos to both players for playing flawlessly.

Overall it was a fun and good event.

Stuff i noticed and learned:

The meaning of ching
Singapore playstyle is much more casual compared to Malaysia where we are very serious and do not smile. Sharking is done casually in singapore too, without much tension.
The players play very smoothly and quickly without thinking much (they made the correct plays still tho)

Kudos to :

wesley bixuan johan wee min william for chaperoning me whole day from my hotel to lunch to marymount.
other ppl ive met like vishal , putra, keith etc.

Baha for being a funny bastard whe he duels.

Quotes of the day:

Andrew is actually shorter than Wesley??!! (rumours were fake)
Wee min almost torrential tribute on baha.
When i asked Andrew why he had 3 copies of New Era original caps of different color (exp shit), he replied how many windup sharks do u use, 3 right. Mindblown

PS to wesley and co: i will get bigger when you see me in january.

My whole trip was pretty fun and my room now smells like Abercrombie and Fitch.

sorry i cant post a funny post like andrews HK day 1 because im not nearly as gay enough.

Thats all for today


Ergo said...

Any way I can get Ryan Stark's decklist?

OPT!K said...

heavy slump is in there to counter maxx c.

mike said...

@ ergo - urmmmmm no.

@ optik- urmmmmm i know. but its such a bizarre choice . then agn johan makes bizarre choices