Saturday, May 21, 2011


Wanted to post like last 2 days but then my internet sucked and i couldnt get the sign in button at the top right hand corner to show up.

tested dw with a scrap duelist frm cali on duelnet.

he was a good player.

i lost 2 games in a row due to a certain card called debunk.

he was maining 3 !

it totally wrecks dark world.

the first game i lost because of debunk. i could have turned the game around because i had a level 4 snow in my hand a monster reborn to special summon a scrap beast from his grave.

however i didnt have an extra deck because i was just testing the deck's flexibility and i forgot about an extra deck T.T we were topdecking at that time so i was pretty sure if i summoned collosal, the game would have gone differently.

also, everytime i used DW lightning, he would chain the face down mst, chalice or lance, so i couldnt get the discard effect.

the 2nd game was extremely funny.

i was controlling then he set 3 cards face down in 2 turns, and they were all 3 copies of fiendish chain!

he stopped my grapha from attacking in 3 turns and used scrap dragon to destroy my grapha each turn.

it was very wtf for me :(

i was ahead in advantage but then 3 scrap dragon direct attacks = 2800 x 3 = game!

also cos he activated debunk some point in the early game, but i was able to play around that, but not the 3 fiendish chains!!

moral of story, debunk wrecks dark world.


played darkworld mirror matches with andrew one day. went 1-2. the thing about dw mirror matches is that they go really really fast, or really slow. the first 2 games took like 5 mins each? while the 3rd game took a whopping half an hour.

at one point of the game, there were 3 celris on the field and we couldnt differetiate which one was ours.

first game was really bad for me, i didnt draw well and he had dark deal to negate my lightnings and he dropped a sillva to claim advantage. woooo. then he summoned bronn which is amazing in dw mirror matches because dark deal negates ur lightnings, and u cant activate dark deal because your opponent will profit. lol.

2nd game was my mistake. i was sleepy, but i had dark deal face down and he activated lightning and i flipped deal. however i realised i forgot to set a lightning in my hand >.>

i had 4 cards in my hand and 3/4 chances of getting a dw monster discarded but noooooo fml he discarded my lightning, which was crucial to me because i couldnt get my dw monsters out next few turns and i lost alot of advantage there, so it went downhill from there :)

3rd game was us playing really conservatively.

also, im not worried about the samurai matchup agaianst dw.

this is because as hard as it seems to get rid of shi-en, quite the contrary really. lol.

this is because as long as you can get a grapha out, it can kill shi-en really easily.

you basically have to waste one spell card so that shi-en negates it then after that, you can drop grapha pretty easily.

its balanced out because shi-en was made from kageki + kagemusha (thats 2 cards there) so you dont really lose advantage.

dark deal negates trunade and rota and smoke signals so they rot without shien if you go first and acts like a solemn warning for spells. watch out. this is a very crucial card in the dw deck thats worth running 2 to 3 of.

apart from that, i won just abt every other match there with dw ^^

So, lessons learnt from duelnet.

1) debunk wrecks darkworld. side it.
2) DW mirror matches are stupid
3) sillva is amazing with dark deal
4) Bronn, mad king of dw is VERY good in Dw mirror matches.

thanks for reading, deck list will be out tmr.

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