Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Snow, Magiician of Dark World

1700 attack

level 4.

If this card is discarded by a card effect from your hand to the graveyard, add 1 card with DW in its name to your hand from your deck. Additionally, if this card was discarded for your opponent's card effect, you can special summon one monster in your opponent's graveyard to your field.

This card just brought DW up a notch.

Dark Soul for Dark World.

Jizz in your pants, man

This is Dark World Gate cost fodder.

Celri Monk of Dark World is pretty shitty.

The new Strategy of Dark World is pretty strange... Just a buffed up version of Dark World Dealings.

Maybe worth running two of.

Looks like Konami has decided to reprint Tragoedia, and not Gorz T.T Tragoedia to replace Gorz in officially sanctioned tourneys? Maybe not.

I can almost see it.

1 morphing jar
3 broww
3 snow
3 gate
3 dw dealing
1 card destruction
2 strategy


I saw a friend playing one of the Sasuke Samurai monsters last week. Not sure which number. Its the one with the Cold Wave effect. Interesting.

Although triple Seven tools is working very well, i miss my cold wave =(


Call of the Haunted

Tested this out. Amazing. I think everyone is beginning to realize its potential and is beginning to bring it back to competitive tournament scenes.

Decks that main Giant Trunade MUST use this. LOL


Elemental Hero Escuraido means that E Heroes are gonna be the new meta because Super Poly is gonna wreck.

Super Poly at 3 and Gem Sparks at 3 means Heroes are gonna be the number one annoying deck. Gonna shut down ALL your plays.

Kills samurai like eating vege.

LSS shi-en no longer the number one card.


Disappointed with all the new cards in the Proton Shockwave box. Hopefully the cover card doesnt suck too like Revise Dragon, one of the most useless cover cards in so many sets.

Hopefully the Kachi Kochi DRagon rank 4 exceed (promo from Zexal manga vol 1 ) doesnt fail to disappoint.

Im addicted to Dueling Network too =) That program abit weird la. I run 1hamster, 3 emmersblade 3 daksoul and 3 dualities, and in 3/5 games i dont open up with a single. Ask Andrew. He LOL @ my hand.


~HappyLoo~ said...

Snow is pretty good. Love the effect. Dark World Mirror Match is going to become something funny.

Michael Bonacini said...

You're completely right about Elemental Hero Escuwhatever, Super Polymerization is now REALLY good.

I'm also loving the new Dark World support - it seems like it's viable enough to run as mainstream, as opposed to just being a giant F U to Gravekeeper.

And I've been loling at the rank 1 exceed monsters, so trash

Gu4rdi4n 4ng3l said...

I thin Cleri is as awsome as the other 2 cards :D
Don't forget, your opponet gets it, so you are the one to discard a card. And as Cleri is on your opponet's side of the field, the DW you discard gets it's additional effect ;)

BHY said...

Mike, do you think they will include Goldd and Sillvas in the reprints?

mike said...

@ Guardian angel- are you sure? i've been curious whether i actually get to discard or its my opponent who discards.

If i get do discard, then its very good =)

@BHY- yeah of course..

@ Loo- gonna be retarded. whose side stronger, who will win

@ mike- dark world is now a new tier 1 deck =)

i think super poly is so good because although its a -1, heroes always generate random plusses here and there anyway so it balances out that drawback :/

MaX said...


It's the same as Dark Deal!

You(the Dark World player) get to discard as if your opponent activated the effect!

Which of course means that any Dark World will do its additional effect!

Gu4rdi4n 4ng3l said...

I'm sure ;) It's similar to Dark Deal