Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Safe Zone

Michael Bonacini pointed out on this card a while ago.

I just realised how valuable it is to protect Inverse Roach, Disigma etc.

Lets not forget you can target your OPPONENT's monster if it gets MST-ed face down.

It can be recycled with Giant Trunade.

Target opponent's card, play Trunade, recycle, and remove opponent's monster from play.

In Sabers, you can use it to target your opponents monster and use Hyunlei to destroy Safe Zone and two other cards on my opponent's field.

This card has potential. There are still alot of other combos.

Meaning the monster cant be destroyed, save Trishula, and .. MST XD

Today is the finals for American Idol, and its Scotty and Lauren battling it out.

Im sorry, America, but i lost interest the moment James was kicked out early in the top 4 when he should have made top 2 or 3.

It was bad that Pia Toscano, and Stefano and Casey got kicked out early too.

As a person who appreciates originality in music, its really depressing.

I know most of America's older community root for Scotty and Lauren because they kinda resemble the ideal children they'd like to have.

But sorry, Scotty is just depressing. Country = no no for me.

Lauren is okay... I hope she wins. America, pls dont let a country singer win :x


And just thought about it, if BLS came back @1 , which many players are predicting, Bottomless Trap Hole will probably be back @3. We need it to kill BLS.

I would like to run him for his epicness, and the card art, and because i never got to run a BLS because i wasnt playing competitively when Goat Control was around. Although i was aware of the card...


LGQ said...

Dump Necrodarkman, summon neos!! Whats this Torrential?



(next turn) Parallel World FUSION!!! Neos Knight (original armor from BLS sdn bhd, not pasar malam cosplay shop)

StitchStitch said...

I want BLS at 1 :) never played competitively during that format either but it looked soo Fun xD

Anonymous said...

lol I still have my IOC BLS that I never used because I wasn't playing competitively at the time

mike said...

@ LGQ - only you play it like that :P abit juudai god draw la

@ stitch- neither have i. it may be good la. ppl will actually build chaos decks or build decks around it. i love the artwork.

@ kamitsure- i needa buy new one XD

Exiro said...

BTH at three, yes, but mostly we need Book at three. I still hate Konami for limiting that.

But they'll probably just make another stupid action to make us forget about their last stupid action. You know, like how we almost forgot that Solemn Judgment was once at three.