Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mind crushed part 2

Okay so im back with part 2. Read on:
To be a good duelist, one must always be patient, n take advantage of the situation. Like yugi said, the 2nd n 3rd rule of playing games would be acting professional n unfazed as well as holding ur trump card to the end. Therefore, we should never ever make risky moves unless u r in a situation whre ntg benefits u n u might as well do it.

On to taking advantage of situations. For example when u use crush card virus, we ought to make full us of it. Lets say we have hand severing nmorphingjar,we should flip morphing jar up to draw. This way not only do u get to draw but u get to see ur opponent's hand (n most likely activate ccv's effect to eat up the fatties) .Then, still, since we allowed to write stuff /notes on paper while playing in tourney, we should write down the cards drawn. I;ve seen many ppl not writing down in the notebook then later got killed by mirror force, even though they saw it in hand by CCV's effect. Then they say " shit! i forgot have mirror force!" there. a simple situation. too late to go back n do anything now.

Also, we should learn to be less forgetful. For example, we should always look in the graveyard from time to time (opponent's too) to make sure everything is going ur way. Sometimes i see duelists scooping the game because of drawing mobc n he has ntg to tribute for. But in his graveyard there is dhero malicious, yomi frog n dhero dashguy! After scooping the game n realizing his mistake, he says " oh yea,,.... i forgot dasher!"

On to the deck building skills which i have promised to list. Its not the best of the best, some ppl may disagree with me but heck, this is my blog. a blog to list my opinions. dont agree? nvm...who knows? i might just learn a thing or two frm listening to u guys. Okay

Well first thing abt deckbuilding is knowing wat type of player r u.., R u the aggro player or r u the control player? So u ought to build a few decks to play first then find which one u do betterr with aggro or control.
Secondly, u ,must choose whether u wanna go into competitive yugioh or just play for fun. Compettive yugioh is more time consuming as u have to netdeck, or view blogs ( :D ) ,or read up decklists n everything .

Thirdly, u must choose the deck u wanna play. For example u wanna follow the metagame and copy the decks there or u wanna inovate n try to bring an original build to stardom. Stray from the decks that dont have good combos or tat don have good searchers .good decks includes decks which have the following:
1) combo piecers
2) combo retrivers
3) searcher( eg: airman, volcanic rocket, mental master bla)
4) draw spells ( destiny draw, hand severing, solar exchange)
5) traps that r good n supportive( eg: lightlorddecks have glorious illusion,)
6) bonus* spells that have godly effects that suport theme (eg: batterires have their own monster reborn, n raigeki( short circuit)

Then, u must think of the deck that u playing. U must must must understand the concept of the deck n archetype. Eg: u must understand that gladial beast main thing to do is to special summon out monster from deck n get their effect. Don use them for something new unless u very vvery sure. Oh well we'll get to tat later.

Once u r sure with ur archetype; combo ,control or aggro u must look at each card of the deck n list down the combos. Most of the time, ppl wont approve this but i find it quite useful. U never know u could draw foolish burial n monster reborn on turn 1 n bury mobc n reborn him. If u have dark simorgh in deck , the right thing to do is to bury dark simorgh n reborn him on turn 1 to seal ur opponent. Tat works sometimes for me =) If u don wanna follow this its okay u'll eventually find out the combos while testdecking ur deck.

Include cards that thin the deck while provide advantage for u ( eg: card gunner, sangan, ehero airman, rescue cat, i can think of millions bla bla so can u all)

Stay away from situational cards such as beginning of the end if u have onli like 9 monsters tat r dark in deck or if u arent playing a rtfdd combo. Teching is good but u must not go overboard.

Next out this is important ! We ought to include cards tat break opponent combo. Huh? like wat card u ask? well some includes : lightning vortex, torrential tribute, mirror force. The more popular ones tat r gaining increase in play are trap dustshoot, crush card virus n mind crush. Like i said, mind crush is just so good. the technique and the card itself. Sometimes ur opponent holds his hand low n u get to see his cards. Lol . Always happens to me.
An example of a deck dedicated to breaking ppl combo is jerrywang's deck from shonen jump nashville. 4 team overdose players changed their deck to his in the last few minutes after he showed them his deck ! n i hav to say it is good! like matt peddle said, it destroys ur opponent with the simplest effort. I hav no time to discuss it here. Go c it on n read matt's article on the champions.

okay. for this article it end here, i will continue with part 3, n it wont be much though but stay tuuned,
Till next time , play fair, play hard , n enjoy the game.

Next time: part 3.

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